Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Chuckles Top Ten: TV I want to see #1

Welcome to Chuckles Top Ten! This is where I look at my top tens-things I love, things I hate, things that excite me, things that just pass me by, all from the world of books, film, music, TV and life in general! My ten aren't in any particular order unless I say otherwise on each post.  Please feel free to put your own top ten(or less) into the comments section as well as stopping by to say hello!

This week I am looking at ten high rated TV shows that I REALLY want to see-and haven't seen a single episode of yet!!! I'm not getting time to sit down and watch these things due to trying to concentrate on my reading, and I'm soooo far behind!!! These are in no order. Please do not put spoilers of any kind as they will not get past the moderation stage and I'll hate you forever if you ruin any of these shows for me. You have been warned!

1) Scandal- This had a West Wing kind of vibe coming from it, with scandals in the White House! I bought the box set for season one in the Black Friday sale last year but haven't sat down to watch it yet. 

2) Homeland- Yes I know how far behind I am! I have always had an interest in shows about politics and terrorism so when this was first advertised it really caught my eye. I taped seasons one and two but haven't seen any of it yet.

3) Grimm- When this first came on TV, I recorded the first few episodes and meant to watch them one weekend. Years later, I have bought the box set for season one and REALLY want to see it! I love paranormal creatures and monsters and it just looks like my kind of TV!

4) Lost Girl- Again another one that has paranormal creatures and scary stuff! I got the box set for season one in the Black Friday sale last year and I really need to get it watched. 

5) Game of Thrones- This is one that I'm not too sure if I'll like but I still want to see it anyway. Fantasy is not my favourite genre for books, film or TV but the ads for it looked pretty good. Plus of course, Sean Bean...

6) The Following- I LOVE Kevin Bacon as an actor so I was always going to be keen to see this. I'm not really into crime novels and there are very few crime based TV shows that have ever held my attention. Still, I have high hopes for this one!

7) The Blacklist- The ad for this was sooo Hannibal Lecter AND of course it has the excellent James Spader in it. It looked like a different twist on crime drama so of course, like The Following, I'm pretty keen to see it.

8) Bitten- I LOVED the Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong, especially the books with the werewolf pack in it. When I heard it was coming to TV, I was pretty darn excited to see what they have done with it!

9) House of Cards- Having seen and loved the UK version, and being a massive fan of Kevin Spacey, this was always going to be something that I wanted to watch. I bought seasons one and two in a special offer in the January sales and really want to watch it soon.

10) The Strain- This looks creepy and scary and I'm really keen to watch it! 


  1. I'm with you on The Following & The Blacklist - both look fantastic, but I have yet to watch an episode of each. I've enjoyed the US version of House of Cards (Kevin Spacey is amazing in it), but my wife's not a fan, so it's hard to catch up.

    Grimm is a ton of fun and one of my favorite guilty pleasures. The first season was a bit uneven, and I hated the amnesia storyline in season 2, but it really does just keep getting better.

    1. I'm still promising to watch all these things but getting nowhere...