Saturday, 21 February 2015

Book Review: Ruthless by Sara Shepard (Pretty Little Liars #10)

The #1 New York Times bestselling Pretty Little Liars are back with more scandals, secrets, and drama. Everyone’s favorite pretty little liars are back with a fresh story arc filled with dark new secrets and deadly plot twists.

Hanna, Spencer, Emily, and Aria are trying to move on and forget about their old friend Alison DiLaurentis and all the torture she put them through. They thought she was gone from their lives for good, but someone is keeping her spirit alive. Now A wants to ruin their pretty little lives—or does A want to end them?

My Review:
This was without doubt the 'this series has jumped the shark' book and the last one that I am going to look at. The plot has just gone a bit mental, the girls aren't just dumb bitches-they are horrible psycho bitches and I don't really care who the latest 'A' is. It has just got to that point and spoils the memory of those first eight gripping books with characters that you liked.

So what are the bitches up to now? Quick sum up with spoilers?

Aria has welcomed back the waste of space Ezra after being dumped by Noah. He's even written a book about their 'affair'. I'm assuming it's one of those 4 page ebooks you get free online...but of course he gets cozy with the Finnish whore that Aria tried to kill which reunites her with Noah. Gads. Her taste in men is pathetic.

Emily manages to hook up with the girl in the book who rightfully has a grudge against Spencer. You have to hand it to Emily. She has the amazing vanishing gay thing that she switches on and off each book and only seems attracted to female nutters. We also find out more about her amazing vanishing baby which she seems to have no guilt over yet is still mourning Alison and dead girls that she didn't kill.

Spencer gets into college despite her new drug habit by framing her friend as a drug dealer and getting her put behind bars. Nice girl you are turning into. Spencer was my favourite in the first story arc but she is turning into a nasty selfish bitch-everything she said she hated about Melissa. Funny that.

And Hanna has confessed to Daddy about her blackmail thing, stealing his money and setting up an innocent man-so he wants to get her more involved in his campaign. Of course he does. She's proving herself to be his daughter now, sticking the boot into people for Daddy. It drives me mad to see her having to keep winning his love and approval but I love seeing her get one over Kate!

As usual the girls have no clue who the latest 'A' is and manage to jump to every wrong conclusion possible. But I'm afraid I'm done with the series now.It was fun for a while but now...well it's not!

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