Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Book Review: Dress Your Marines in White by Emmy Laybourne (Monument 14 #0.5)

It was just a test report. Like one of many, many he’d written up in the past. Except this time, several of the test subjects are dead…”

At first, Dr. James Cutlass had thought his new job at NORAD was thrilling and full of opportunities, but that was before the demonstration… “Dress Your Marines in White” is the story of the terrifying choices surrounding a chemical weapons demonstration gone horribly wrong.

DRESS YOUR MARINES IN WHITE is a new original science-fiction story from writer and actress Emmy Laybourne, who has appeared in movies like Superstar and The In-Laws and has performed original comedy on Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, and with UCB and Chicago City Limits. It is a prequel to her debut novel, Monument 14.

My Review: 
Brayden's father is one of the NORAD scientists working on a new biological weapon that has just had a test, a test which proves how lethal it is and the effects that it has on four test subjects with different blood types. The test itself does not go according to plan.

This prequel to Monument 14 explains the background to the virus that escapes in the NORAD explosion, and gives an insight to some of the people who were happy to use it against people as a weapon of war. I don't have any doubt that a lot of countries are experimenting with dangerous compounds in secret labs to find the perfect biological weapon-and stories like this one highlight how easily it can go badly wrong!

I liked the story of this test as it added a bit of background to the story. We also get to see the father that Brayden keeps telling them about throughout book one. We see what kind of work he really does and how he contributes to the events of the outbreak.
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