Friday, 20 February 2015

Book Review: Spares by Michael Marshall Smith

Spares - human clones, the ultimate health insurance. An eye for an eye, but some people are doing all the taking.

Spares - the story of Jack Randall: burnt-out, dropped out, and with a zero credit rating at the luck bank. After five years lying low on a Spares farm, looking after inmates that can't even spell luck, he is finally faced with a chance at redemption....if he, and the spares, can run fast enough.

Spares - a breathless race through strange, disturbing territories in a world all too close to our own. Spares - it's fiction. But only just...

My Review:
I found this book to be pretty dire if I'm honest. I am never interested in having a junkie as the so called hero in a book as I find nothing heroic in snorting crap up your nose or sticking needles in yourself. I hate hearing these so called heroes whine about their tough life and expect to get my sympathy. Instead the phrase 'get stuffed' comes to my mind. If this is the best, most reliable man for the job that they can find to guard the cloning investment of rich people, then there is something seriously wrong. A guy like that would never get the job.

There is no interest, intrigue or exscitement in this book. We just have this pathetic excuse for a human wandering around in his druggie world, taking drugs and talking crap. There are more drugs, a visit to an alternate reality and more drugs. The 'plot' is so weak it is non existant and there is no flow or clarity to it. The writing is poor and I felt like the author kept trying to be too smart with his language and prose which turned it into a jumbled mess.

The whole point of me buying this book is because I thought it was an exciting story about the rescue of abused human clones. Pah! We barely even get to see them never mind get into their story. Instead we get 'Crackhead:My Life' which is NOT what I signed up to.

This book was a total waste of my time. Avoid it at all costs. 
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