Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Book Review: The Zombie Plagues by Geo Dell

THE ZOMBIE PLAGUES: Book One What if the world ended tomorrow? What would you do? Would you be able to survive? The Zombie Plagues books follow a small group of men and women as they struggle to survive on a vastly changed earth, where the dead sometimes do not remain dead. Follow along as they try to rebuild their own lives as they rebuild their world. A great change was coming to the Earth. Catastrophe was about to change everything her people took for granted. It made some wish for death, but death was no longer a guarantee. For some death had become some other sort of life. A life they could not easily leave. Several lone survivors live through what will become the dawn of a new world. The only thing these people had in common is that they all lived in the same small city in upstate New York. Before the week was out they would be thrust together in a struggle for survival. Before the month was out those that survived would begin to seek others who had lived through the catastrophe that had blighted the Earth. Looking for ways to stay alive...

My Review:
The story begins with a gangster lecturing a wannabe dancer about letting men treat her like a whore and that goes on for some reason for several pages. Then we skip out the start of the zombie apocalypse and join the action a few days later where she is recapping what happened. However she recaps it in the form of a rambling diary with no cohesion to how things unfolded. She is talking about her family history a helluva lot. Who DOES that in a diary? I know who I am and wouldn't need to remind myself! And I wouldn't be talking about stuff like that as zombies are running wild! We get a few aimless descriptions of earth tremors and house damage....and then suddenly we switch to a new storyteller. We get random thoughts and ramblings then we switch again to a third new person. Then back to the first again.

The whole thing is messy, confused and lacks any kind of cohesion. It jumps about so much that it doesn't give you time to get to know or care about the characters, or to get a real sense of how the whole crisis is unfolding. The story just does not flow and it was difficult to get into it. We don't even see any zombies in the beginning. It's only later when the survivors are forced to go out into the world that we see a zombie in the distance or hear about an attack or a sighting. There is endless chat and no action, and the conversations weren't even interesting.

The author was too busy having the women all fighting and competing for the attention of some hot guy, while another jealous person tries to get the attention of a someone who doesn't get the someone they want, and we get all their attention seeking preening and petty little tantrums and a pile of stuff that has nothing to do with zombies. They are like a bunch of hormonal kids all out to get laid while the world goes to hell around them. Call me old fashioned, but if there was a zombie apocalypse, I'd be looking to survive. I wouldn't give a damn if I looked pretty or worry about who to have sex with. I hate this kind of stuff when it is meant to be about zombies.

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