Sunday, 7 February 2016

Reading with Chuckles

I have renamed my TBR Reading Challenge and changed it back to Reading with Chuckles as it sounds better, especially at times when I have no specific challenge running. So this is where I'll share what I read and abandoned each week, and I'll give the odd update on the state of my poor TBR! It does suffer at times...! The link under the book takes you to the Goodreads page for that book so you can decide whether to read it, and see my reviews when they are posted.

This was Tudor Week at The Book Cave so I didn't expect to get many read. It always takes me longer to read these books because they are more descriptive. Still, I got a few off the tbr which is a good thing and got more read than expected!


Laurien Gardner-A Lady Raised High (Anne Boleyn) 

Sarah A Hoyt-No Will But His (Kathrine Howard) 

Judith Arnopp-The Winchester Goose 

Jean Plaidy-The Rose Without a Thorn (Kathrine Howard) 

Judith Arnopp-A Song of Sixpence (Elizabeth of York) 

Anne Clinard Barnhill-At the Mercy of The Queen (Madge Shelton) 


Martin Lake-A Love Most Dangerous 

Carolly Erickson-The Favoured Queen (Jane Seymour) 


  1. Nice readign week! You got a lot of books read, although that's a shame of those two you abandoned, but better to DNF them than continue on reading a book you don't enjoy.

    1. Yeah I feel sorry for anyone who cannot DNF a book. I can't imagine being stuck with an 800 page howler and knowing I'm stuck with it for weeks!