Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Book Review: Horror Within Anthology

****8 Book Boxed Set**** For a limited time at $0.99! Something for every horror lover in this 831 page set. 

Armand Rosamilia - Dying Days
Travis Tufo - Red Sky
Tony Baker - From The Ashes
Eric A. Shelman - Dead Hunger
Ian Woodhead - The Unwashed Dead
Robert Chazz Chute - This Plague Of Days
Mark Tufo - Zombie Fallout + Bonus Short Mayan Prophecy
Scott Nicholson/ J.T. Warren - Meat Camp

My Review:
These anthologies can be very hit and miss but are usually 99p to try which makes it a risk worth taking for me to look at new authors. I have already reviewed a couple of these books so won't be reviewing them again and I have a copy of one waiting to be read on my tbr so will review it later.

1)Scott Nicholson-Meat Camp (0 stars)
I have not enjoyed any of the books I've read by this author so I should have just skipped it as I thought this offering was really dreadful. Jenny the 22 year old virgin did not screw around at college like her friends which means she is obviously a freak and should be ridiculed through the book. Nice. Her 'understanding' boyfriend is a moron who keeps trying to seduce her. His method? Throw a condom at her and see if she says yes. We also have the cast of oversexed teens drinking and getting high, the billionaire property developer trying to evict decent people, the money grabbing woman determined to betray her family so that juvenile delinquents at her camp can keep annoying local people, and a complete slut of a woman is having sex all the time while planning a murder. By chapter 9 all we has was sex, moronic characters, more sex, talking about sex, thinking about sex, why Jenny was a nut for not having sex and something bad rustling the bushes from time to time. Boring and a waste of time.

2)Mark Tufo-Zombie Fallout-already reviewed

3)Robert Chazz Chute-This Plague of Days (1 star)
I didn't like the way it was written. Vague descriptions, weird characters, lacking a good meaty plot to grab and grip the reader.

4)Ian Woodhead-The Unwashed Dead-already reviewed

5)Eric A Shelman-Dead Hunger
I liked this one so I'm doing a full review seperate from this.

6)Tony Baker-Survivors of the Dead
Have my own copy on ereader and will read and review it later.

7-Travis Tufo-Red Sky (unrated)
When I realised what the story was about I knew it wasn't really my thing. I'm not greatly intrerested in reading about a guy in the Russian Army so I skipped on from this.

8-Armand Rosamilia-Dying Days(1 star)
Started this one and didn't like it at all. The characters were horrific-I mean who cares about makeup in a zombie apocalypse or wants lip gloss as the dead are coming towards you? Can't be bothered with all the sex stuff either-don't find it realistic than when you're fighting for your life, you care about cute guys and makeup and who fancies you.

This anthology was more miss than hit but it was worth getting for Dead Hunger which I liked. It let me try a new author even though I didn't like the book. Worth the 99p certainly.
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