Sunday, 28 February 2016

Book Review: The Flame of Adventure by Simon Yates

My Review:
Simon talks about some of the climbs that he has done and his new experience of Russian snow holes that can house dozens of climbers, and the dodgy safety equipment they were using. He talks about meeting Joe Simpson and dealing with the attention after Joe's infamous accident, climbing in Pakistan with a dodgy stomach and tackling the North Face of the Eiger.

While I enjoy his climbing tales, I do find Simon and his friends to be reckless and careless about their health, and with safety issues. The Dangerous Eating Game was designed to see who would get sick after eating at filthy street stalls. The lack of basic hygience led to hepatitus and losing the chance to climb Makalu with some top climbers. They do things on the cheap, never prepare properly so they always forget something vital and behave like utter idiots.

Mark is reckless and selfish, never pulling his weight, causing injury to others and getting beaten up by taxi drivers because he has no money to pay the fares. I hate people who act like that. He was trying to cheat the taxi driver out of what was owed to him-the guy has a living to make and shouldn't be treated that way by arrogant Brits who think they can do what they like. Simon is just plain rude, barking orders at people in Thailand as if he is something special to be obeyed, then moaning that the people there are not to his taste because they expect to receive polite requests instead. Yeah, another example of British arrogance towards others.

As I said I like the climbing stories but I don't like the writer and his friends much so I'll be giving future books by him a miss.
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