Monday, 1 February 2016

Book Review: Fat Vampire 4 by Johnny B Truant

Following Maurice's near-assassination and the overthrow of the American Vampire Council, Reginald, Maurice, and Nikki have fled to Luxembourg, where they've taken refuge under the protection of Karl Stromm and the EU Council. Things in America have continued towards chaos with no end in sight, ... but then just in time, a new leader appears, ready to restore order, and to avoid the human-vampire war that seems inches from explosion.

Things are soon on the mend, but a dangerous faction seems determined to upset the fragile balance, plunging the world's vampires into a war on two fronts -- with a deadly and prepared human force on one side and the vampires' very creators on the other.

And in the middle, one fat undead guy fights to be a voice of reason, eating blood-soaked pizza all the while.

My Review:
I love the cover of this book! And it was fun to again catch up with poor Reginald and his friends. The vampires are running wild and Charles seems to have no control over them. So when another vampire steps in to restore order and makes a leadership challenge, he becomes the new favourite to take control. Reginald, Maurice and Karl try to start a summit between humans and vampires to restore peace but Claude, brother of Maurice causes the train to derail, killing most of them and destroying all hopes of a settlement. So when elections begin and Timken and Claude are working together, Reginald realises that both are the enemy and need to be stopped.

Reginald is still trying to deal with his own body image issues and save the world at the same time. The gang flee to the safety of Luxenbourg and are taken in by Karl and his European Vampires. As much as they hate Charles, the gang wonder if they might have to help him win to stop an evil pairing from taking over. Could Claire's new abilities be used to alter the votes on Fangbook? And what will happen if they get caught rigging the election?

I liked the excitement and tension of the train crash sequence with the vampires hunting the train to try and find Reginald's group. It was a welcome piece of action in amongst the planning that Reginald has to do, but I still enjoyed the latest offering. If the vampires would just look beyond Reginald being fat, there is no doubt that he is the smartest vampire and would make the best leader! Bigots with fangs!

Still keen to find out what happens in the final two books.
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