Thursday, 25 February 2016

Book Review: Relax it's just the flu by Pete Thorsen

This story centers on a pandemic of a very virulent and deadly strain of the flu. So deadly a strain of the flu that much of the population succumbs to this new disease. A small group of survivors in a hospital in Montana face the situation in which they now find themselves. They each have to decide for themselves what they will make of the future as they come to the conclusion that their safety and very survival is now just in their own hands.

As always in my stories there is no foul language or sex though there is some violence. 

My Review:
The book starts with the info dump about Hal and how much he loves to get into fights with people. He pretty much sounds like a sociopath that you would want to stay well away from rather than the hero of a book. He is cold, anti-social, abrupt and unpleasant. I didn't like him from the minute we were introduded to him. I also found it annoying that Hal was being talked about as Hal one minute, then we'd switch to his POV. I hate it when authors can't make up their mind which way to tell the story as this switching is annoying.

The writing is really weird. On two pages of my ereader, the word flu is repeated 22 times, sometimes several times in one sentence. To say that it is repetitive and annoying is putting it mildly. Yes, we get that it is the flu, and you don't need to keep bashing us over the head with it to make your point! That got boring very quickly. Here is an example.

'Also for most of of those that caught this flu and lived through it, the flu screwed up their brains somehow, possibly from the very high temps of 106 to 110 degrees and even sometimes higher that were commonly seen in those that caught this flu.'

The dialogue is also very strange and it doesn't sound like the way people would have a conversation. It is very formal and abrupt in places and then we get a long descriptive waffle around it which is equally annoying. Punctuation is selective and placed where the author feels like it and the sentence structure is poor.

When you add in the fact that the book is very slow and not much happens, well I got bored with it quickly. A short story must grab you quickly to get you interested in it but this book failed on every level and I was happy not to have to finish it. I deleted the others books on my ereader by this author as a quick glance at them showed the same strange style and dialogue. I don't recommend this and I won't be reading anything else by the author. 
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