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Book Review: Bite Marks by Jennifer Rardin (Jaz Parks #6)

Jaz Parks here. But I'm not alone. I'm hearing voices in my head - and they're not mine.

The problem, or maybe the solution, is work. And the job's a stinker this time -- killing the gnomes that are threatening to topple NASA's Australian-based space complex. Yeah, I know. Vayl and I should still be able to kick this one in our sleep. Except that Hell has thrown up a demon named Kyphas to knock us off track. And damn is she indestructible!

My Review:
Again this was a better adventure which I was pleased about and the entire team is back together AT LAST which I'd been hoping for. Gnomes in a cult in Australia worship their God on Saturn and are getting annoyed at NASA messing with its rings and decide to destroy the program. The team are sent to investigate so the last thing they need is Jaz being possessed and Cassandra's demon locating her at last.

I so much liked the cult of gnomes story. OK so it sounds a bit dumb but it was a fun idea and better than some what happened in books 3 and 4. This book had plenty action scenes and daft humour which the series was in need of I think. I liked Bergman's new smart cat robot invention which leads to some amusing scenes with it and Jack. I also liked seeing Raoul's obsession with train sets which gave him a bit more of a human side. Readers have had mixed views about the voices in Jaz's head but I found thatr Granny May in particular was pretty funny. There was also a shocking and unexpected twist that took me by surprise but I won't spoil the book by talking about it.

*sigh* Why does Cole even exist? I thought all that crap with him chasing Jaz was over with in the last book but no, he's still trying to win her away from Vayl. Look you dumb muppet, it's never going to happen so leave the girl alone! Seriously he is like a deranged stalker and if I was Jaz I'd be reporting him for sexual harrassment. He drives me round the bend. I hate Cole so much and I'm fed up with him. Can't he just die or something? The other annoying thing was Jaz refusing to tell everyone the rather important detail about being possessed. You are working with a team of paranormal experts Jaz so for once in your dumb life, let them help!

Despite Cole, this was another good book and it was great to have Cassandra and Bergman back at last. Why can't we have them instead of Cole spoiling things? Grrr. Or have Albert on the team again! Albert and the gnomes had so much potential in my head! Anyway, a good story to enjoy as we go into the last two books in the series.

Read January 2015 
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