Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Film Review: Tremors 5

The giant, man-eating Graboids are back and even deadlier than before, terrorizing the inhabitants of a South African wildlife reserve as they attack from below-and above. 

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Burt Gummer is trying to make a living doing survivalist videos, until he is told of a possible Ass Blaster outbreak in Gauteng, South Africa and is asked to help. Lured by the prospect of taking them down with big guns, Burt and new sidekick Travis along with a local vet and her friends go hunting. But the graboids have a new surprise waiting.

Cast: Michael Gross, Jamie Kennedy, Pearl Thusi, Brandon Auret, Daniel Janks

OK I loved the first two Tremors films. The next two were ok but nothing to get excited about. I heard that with this film, they were back to the best of the series. I personally thought this was rubbish. I thought it was the WORST in the series and I hope now it is the last.

We have the very annoying Travis who spends most of the trip annoying Burt and acting like an immature five year old and chatting up the vet who is so out of his league that it is just sad. The hunter Johan is a pig ignorant moron who bugged me from the very start of the film. The 'bad guy' was as convincing as a plank of wood and the acting performance was just the same. In fact the only guy with any personality was the amusing helicopter pilot who we don't see enough of. The overall acting was pretty poor and they certainly don't do enough with the setting. Seriously if you are filming in South Africa, lets see the gorgeous scenery.

The plot was poor as well. The angst with Burt and Travis was just plain irritating and too much time was taken up with the characters bickering with each other and the men going macho for the vet's attentions. The reason the first two films worked so well is because the survivors worked as a team instead of being idiots all the time. The story lacked the tension of previous films and the action scenes are unconvincing and not greatly exciting. We also had stupid footage of Burt in a cage going a bit mad and frequently urinating. Thrilling. Too much time in this film was wasted on stupid stuff that added nothing to the film.

So was there anything good in the film? Not much. The latest mutation was interesting but not enough was done with it. The best bit was Burt's survivalist videos at the start and end. Annoyed that I wasted money buying this.
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  1. Last I heard, there were plans to make another Tremors TV series, but with Kevin Bacon returning. I agree the movies got worse as they went on, but I'd love to see him in the role again.

    1. I'd probably watch that as I love Kevin Bacon. Interesting! The first film was great because of all the characters. The second one worked well though Grady was a bit annoying. Having Val, Earl and Burt together would be perfect but getting it to happen would be tough...I love Michael Gross in these films but they need to give him a decent script!