Sunday, 28 February 2016

Book Review: On Top of the World by Rebecca Stephens

My Review:
Frankly I found the author to be somewhat arrogant, self obsessed, unpleasant and whiny. She gets herself onto an Everest expedition as a journalist and very amateur climber and frankly, she should never have been there. Her attitude to training, climbing and other people is totally wrong and it is an insult to proper female British climbers that this woman was the first to climb Everest. It was certainly not deserved.

As the expedition is prepared, Rebecca ignores all advice for training with heavy bags on hillwalking climbs and prepares by climbing the escalators in the London Underground plus 15 minutes on step machines. No I'm not kidding. Her lazy response to why she isn't training hard is 'there are no hills in Fulham'. Funny. Is it any wonder the other climbers thought that Rebecca and her friends were a bunch of clowns? On the expedition, she is bored by the mountain talk (?), doesn't realise that the 4000 foot climb up to advanced base camp is vertical (it's a MOUNTAIN, of course you go UP to get higher, you dumbass) and then slags off the Base Camp cook for being a 20 stone vegetarian. Cheeky bitch. I swear she needs a good slap.

She then manages to get frostbite on her finger in the Icefall at the bottom of the mountain because she didn't put on her proper gloves for the trip, then sulks about it back in her tent. It turns out that Rebecca has used a jumar once and other members of the team have never seen one-what are these idiots doing on a serious Everest climb and HOW did they all make it out of there alive? People like this should never be let near Everest as they are a danger to themselves and others, especially the Sherpas who are expected to save them from disaster.

This book will encourage others with no skill to try and follow her example. I dread to think. It was sheer luck and excellent Sherpas that got her up and down safely, nothing more and I certainly see no need to applaud her for that.
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