Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Book Review: Otherworld Secrets by Kelley Armstrong

More than a decade after Kelley Armstrong first opened the doors to the Otherworld, fans are still clamoring for more. In response to their demands—and to coincide with the Syfy Network show based on the series—Plume has signed up three Otherworld anthologies, each of which revolves around a different theme. The second in the trilogy, Otherworld Secrets, features fan-favorites such as Cassandra, Savannah, and Adam in rare and neverbefore- published short stories—plus a brand new novella. Fans old and new will flock to this mystery-themed volume to discover the deepest secrets of this captivating world.

Anthology Contents

1) Life After Theft – new Hope/Karl novella
2) Forbidden – Subterranean Press 2012 Elena/Clay novella
3) Angelic – Subterranean Press 2009 Eve/Kristof novella
4) Zen and the Art of Vampirism – Zoe novella from Subterranean Press’s long-sold out “A Fantasy Medley”
5) The Ungrateful Dead – Jaime short story from “Blood Lite” anthology
6) Counterfeit Magic – Subterranean Press 2010 Paige/Lucas novella

My Review:
I've already read and reviewed all but two of the stories featuring in this anthology-I liked The Ungrateful Dead, which was funny, and Counterfeit Magic. So I'll concentrate on the two that are new to me.

Life After Theft
Karl is horrified to discover his kid stealing from the Danver twins and decides that it is time to go straight. However, he is instantly blamed when a client of his brother-in-law is robbed of a jewel and the only way to clear his name is to find out who took it. Karl and Hope soon discover that it is a set up to force Karl to do a risky theft for a rich man.

I liked this one as I am starting to really warm to Karl as a character. I like that he has flaws but is devoted to his family, and still trying to win the trust of The Pack. I think that Elena should have taken his word that he was not involved in the theft, as it seems unfair to keep bringing up his past. And one person he would never hurt is Hope so why would he steal from her family? There is plenty action in this book, revolving around the impossible theft and trying to outwit his enemies. He and Hope get to use all their skills to try and make the theft.

Zen and the art of vampirism
Zoe is annoyed when two vampire enemies show up in her territory and announce that they are going to be taking over and sending her packing. Instead of fighting, Zoe agrees to go quietly and is even nice enough to introduce them to the somewhat bizarre locals that they will be looking after.

This story is pretty funny. Zoe knows that there is a smarter way to get rid of these vampires so she starts showing them just how undesirable this territory actually is. I liked Zoe instantly, and the characters we meet in the book are interesting. I can't help wondering why Zoe didn't get a couple of books of her own in the Otherworld series instead of getting whiny Savannah all the time. Zoe is feisty, funny and smart and I want to read a lot more about her!
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  1. I'm wanting this collection. I'm glad to see that the novella's are in print all together. :) Thank you!

    1. It's great that the best of the Otherworld stories are being put into anthologies. I can't wait to see what is in the next one!