Monday, 1 February 2016

Book Review: Fat Vampire 6: Survival of the Fattest by Johnny B Truant

Forty years have passed since the end of the vampire/human war, and life is good. Vampires have taken over the planet and have settled in, making themselves comfortable in the infrastructure their predecessors built... making just a few adjustments to ensure a permanent night. Humans are still around (tightly controlled, of course), because the alpha species needs to eat. But even after four decades of peace, Reginald can't shake his conviction that the war never really ended -- that the archive he holds in his blood still warns of an ominous change on the horizon.

As old foes rise, the power structures of both races begin to falter and the very existence of life on Earth (both hot-blooded and undead) hangs in the balance. Reginald Baskin -- always an outcast, always neglected -- may be the only chance to save it. As Reginald steps into his destined role as a leader, he faces a startling realization that even he never saw coming... but after forty years of hate and violence, his solution may have come too late. The humans have developed new and frightening weapons, and they aren't afraid to use them -- even if it could mean the end of everything -- because in a world ruled by monsters, humanity has nothing left to lose.

Fat Vampire 6: Survival of the Fattest marks the last chapter in the Fat Vampire saga. So belly up to the bar and loosen your belt, because the final course will fill you to bursting.

My Review:
Forty years later, a bitter Reginald has given up on the Codex because it failed him at the first hurdle. Vampires have won and human blood farms are used to keep a captive blood supply. Reginald is rich thanks to his range of snack food for vampires tired of just taking blood. Claire is hiding in a vampire neighbourhood, pretending to be one of them to stay safe. Nikki is still in touch with a group of human rights activists.

But of course things can't stay quiet for long. Claire indicates that things are about to change and suddenly humans are rising up with a new leader, new weapons and a definite plan to bring down the vampires. Feeling that the apocalypse is coming, Reginald turns to the Codex while his old enemies Charles and Todd ask him to help them defeat the humans or face Nikki being arrested for her activities. Timken and Claude each have their own plans as to how to deal with the human insurgency.

I was pleased to see that whole gang are back. I really like Brian and I always wish that he featured more in the later books. Claire just doesn't interest me anymore. I liked her as the child friend of Reginald but as soon as she started developing the powers, although she was more useful to the team, it wasn't quite the same. Adult Claire is just dull and not greatly interesting to me. Brian was brilliant as usual 'oh my god why are you such a douchebag' and Todd had his moments too. Nikki drove me crazy in this book because she just couldn't trust Reginald to take care of things and nearly causes them a fatal problem.

I liked the twists and turns in this book, the backstabbings and betrayals, the attempts by Reginald to get peace being thwarted by the actions of others. It was interesting and overall a satisfactory end to the series.  
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