Sunday, 18 September 2016

Chuckles Goes Paralympic Day Nine

Another brilliant day as the team go past their London 2012 total with some great performances! Here is the medal role of honour!

The 50th Paralympic gold of Rio for GB goes to the brilliant Paul Blake! What a run!

Third gold of the games for awesome Hannah Cockroft! Another medal for 15 year old Kare Adenegan in the same race-bronze!

Dan Greaves took an excellent bronze in the discus! He bows out of the paralympics and we're dead proud of Discus Dan!

John Walker takes gold in archery!

David Smith wins gold in boccia!

Gordon Reid takes gold in tennis! What a talent this guy is!

With his doubles partner 18 year old Alfie Burnett taking silver!

David Stone takes silver in the road race!

Another pair of golds in equestrian for Sophie Christiansen and Natasha Baker!

Anne Dunham takes another silver!

Silver also for Sophie Wells!

But it was gold for flag bearer Lee Pearson, his 11th Paralympic title!

Will Bayley, Ross Wilson and Aaron McKinnon take team bronze in table tennis!

Hannah Russell takes bronze in swimming!

Andrew Mullen takes a brilliant silver also in the pool!

Alice Tai, Claire Cashmore, Stephanie Slater and Stephanie Millward take gold in the swimming relay! It was a fantastic swim!

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