Friday, 23 September 2016

Book Review: Prepper's Crucible #2 by Bobby Andrews

In volume two, our Preppers work to consolidate their sanctuary at the ranch. They manage to restore power and water, and encounter several deadly situations in the course of defending themselves, and their neighbors. The group grows, as they include Cory, a Park Ranger they met during their bug out to the ranch, and his family. Ben, an elderly neighbor, is brought into the fold as well. Don, the group’s informal leader, struggles with balancing his protective instincts toward the group, with the need to cede power to each of its members. Follow along as the world around them descends into chaos, and they struggle to cope with a world gone mad.

My Review: 
Don and Kate are relieved that their friends have survived the dangerous journey to reach them at the ranch, and now they all have to get used to living and working together. A visit to town proves that society is starting to break down with the police struggling to keep control of the situation. Don now decides that he wants to invite a few other people to join them.

I enjoyed watching the way the group start to settle down into their new situation. Don is used to being in charge at the ranch and with his prepper knowledge he is an obvious leader. However, he needs to find a way to balance leading with trusting his friends to do their jobs without constant instruction from him. It is something that he finds difficult. The group are friends but the lack of privacy, the hard work and living in each others pockets all the time does lead to minor friction at times. It is easy to like all six of our MCs and the character description is good as we watch them adapt to this new reality.

In this book we have the group expanding. In the first book, Ed, Ann, Bud and Mary meet Cory the ranger on the mountain trail and he is due to travel back their way soon so Ed and Ann go to meet him to take him into town to find his family. The group agree that Cory would be a good addition to the group so he is invited to bring his wife and kids to join them. It is not a hard decision for Cory when he sees what has been happening in town and they agree to join the team. Cory is a solid and capable character who is also a natural leader and I very much liked him.

Don is becoming concerned with his neighbour Ben living alone on a nearby ranch with violent incidents and shootings happening in the town. Ben is reluctant to leave his property but has to consider what will happen if he is attacked. When the attack does come, he is in a bit of trouble. I love Ben, the grizzly oldtimer and he is probably my favourite character.
He proves that being older is no barrier to being a useful part of the group and I liked his addition. Now the group feels more like a community.

The situation they are facing is beginning to change. By avoiding town in the early days of the disaster, the group have managed to avoid people but armed men are starting to attack the more rural properties looking for supplies and Don starts getting nervous about protecting their ranch and each other from the trouble which is starting to move out of the confines of town and in their direction. It led to me thinking about the situation and how you would react if faced with something like this. It's not something that you want to see happening, that's for sure!

I liked the book. It picks up where the second book leaves off and continues with the group focusing on rescuing their friends and looking at self protection. If you enjoyed the first book, you should enjoy this one.

Read February 2016.   
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  1. I've always felt rural was the place to be in situations like this. Although nothing good ever lasts forever huh? Glad you are finally enjoying some 5 star reads! Hey, the boys left you a message on the Weekly Reads post!

    1. In these books nowhere turns out to be safe! I do wish I had a rural homestead where I could guard it and be away from everyone! The street across the back garden from mine is where all the junkies live which is a cheerful thought if the apocalypse comes!