Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Book Review: Tears of the World by Boyd Craven III (World Burns #4)

A 17 year old in Alabama is forced into making a snap decision that he'll have to live with for the rest of his life. He knows just enough to survive, but it tests his resourcefulness.

David looks deep within his soul and sets out to prove to the Jackson's that he's not the monster everyone thought he was, and wants to win their trust. He helps Sandra make a plan to get some retribution for the family and new friends losses and prevent a threat to the homestead from a rogue military unit. 

My Review: 
There are two distinct plotlines again in this book, similar to what happened in the previous book. It is a good way to introduce a new character and get to know him or her before they become connected in some way to our main group at the homestead.

Michael is out fishing on a short solo camping trip when the EMP hits and in the resulting panic, he accidently kills the man trying to steal his bike. After trying to confess to the police about the accident with his friend's dad John there for moral support, the police are next to try and rob him. As the situation gets out of control, he and John flee out into the wild with the dead man's kids, holing up in a prepper cave stocked by Michael's grandfather. Now they have to decide on a plan to evade the police, the psychos and find a safe place to go to far away from where they are.

Back at the homestead, Bobby is raging with grief over the latest tragedy and ready to get some revenge on Kenny's people. Sandra is now using rebel radio to make contact with other survivors to share information and ideas with help from David. Kenny is already plotting his next act of evil brutality and David may have a plan that will deal with both Kenny and the raider group heading their way very soon.

Things are starting to ramp up in this book. I liked Michael and had sympathy for the problems that he was facing. He was alone without his family and instantly turned to the one person he could trust, which is John. John is former military and has a few ideas on the best way forward but of course things are not going to run smoothly. I always like characters like John who are capable of dealing with the situation but is someone you instantly like. I liked their story and and I'm interested to see what is next for them. Something bad I expect!

I really like David as a character and have had sympathy for his situation. He really comes to the fore in this book, hitting upon a possible plan to deal with their two big problems in one dangerous attack. He is determined to prove that he is really part of their group and can be trusted to do his part. I enjoyed the whole plotline of planning this mission and it leads to several dangerous but exciting moments in the book. There is certainly always something happening in the book, which is why I continue to enjoy the series. I won't put spoilers in though so you need to read it for yourself.

It is a good mixture of action, planning and getting to know about and care for these people as they face some scary situations. I enjoy the character development that is constantly occuring as the plot evolves in each book. I'm never quite sure what our survivors are going to face next!
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  1. I'm so glad you are finally enjoying something you are reading. I'm having a hard time working in reviews this week - it's a crazy week both at work and at home, but I hope to get some posted soon.

    1. Sadly I haven't read anything this week! I'm just uploading reviews of books I read in February. Sitting here waiting for the damn new mattress to arrive and it's already an hour late! Hoping to read tonight if it finally gets here...

    2. Hope your mattress arrived. We bought a new bed and mattress about a year ago and it took 3 deliveries before they finally got it right!

    3. There's a kids TV show here with two idiots who can't do anything right called The Chuckle Brothers (no relation!) I'm pretty sure it was them who delivered it! They were three hours late and phoned to say they were on our street but couldn't find the house so could my dad come out and wave so they could locate us???!!! Try reading the house number, idiots!!! Then they couldn't decide which of the two mattresses in the van was ours. Then they had to take a photo of the mattress being delivered and neither could work the camera phone. Grrr! On the bright side, the bed is pretty comfy!