Friday, 9 September 2016

Book Review: The World On Fire by Boyd Craven III (World Burns #8)

A man stranded during leave in his hometown in Texas finds work with his best friend and roommate in an adjoining town. Neither of them know they will get sucked into a conflict nobody expected.

The New Caliphate is moving towards Texas in mass, just as warned. The country scrambles to put together a response with what little personnel left on hand.

King and Michael's companions and family make it to the Homestead where Sandra and King hint at a surprising history. Blake can't help but feel a little left out.

In this dystopian, post apocalyptic America, the survivors struggle to not only survive, but to fight back. With elements of the Government coming out of hiding, can the republic survive the invasion?

My Review: 
** spoiler alert **

Michael and King drop the rest of their group off at the homestead and then push on with their lone wolf solo mission. They plan to go into Mexico and get information on the terrorists that are coming into Texas for the next stage of the war.

In Texas, Brad, Stu and Randolph discover their friend has been killed by a group of terrorists and their Mexican guide. As the others start moving supplies from Joe's place, Brad stays to look after the sick Marcy and her young daughter Maria, just as the terrorists come back to find their comrades dead, and seek restribution. I did like these new characters but I feel a bit cheated with the whole back story on Joe and then he dies straight after. I was a bit annoyed by that.

We only see the homestead long enough for Sandra to see King, her former mentor and we receive some background on King, Sandra and John's working relationship. I would have liked to have seen a bit more than one scene with John. The part of the story that he is in isn't greatly clear about what they know about the coming attacks. I was a bit confused about whether it was the main airport or the secondary airport that each side was at or was talking about as both were given the same name each time they were mentioned. It needed to be a bit clearer and better explained.

There is a massive mistake in this book which I've dropped the star rating for. It is a spoiler so read on with caution if you plan to read this book. King and Michael are hitchhiking and get a lift from Stu and Randolph. The four are together when they discover that Brad and Maria are missing. Stu and Randolph wait for backup while King and Michael go to rescue Brad and Maria. After the escape, Randolph and Stu with the back up they waited for, see Brad, Maria, Michael and King on the road together...and Brad introduces his rescuers to Stu and Randolph??? WTF is THAT all about! King and Michael are TOLD by Stu and Randolph that their friends are missing so why are they suddenly asking who Brad has with him? That is a massive and pretty shocking plot error and I'm not greatly impressed by it.

I still liked the story but I had no option but to mark it down because the confusion and the mistakes did affect my enjoyment of the book.
I read this book today and for once I got the review up the same day!
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