Friday, 2 September 2016

Book Review: Zombie Zero by JK Norry

The winds of change reek of rotting flesh...

When Mother Nature calls, everyone must stop to listen. Humans have gone too far; and in going too far, they have brought the wrath of the very planet down upon them. Ramblers roam the land, looking to eat or be eaten. Howlers hunt the humans, their superior strength becoming overwhelming odds as the apocalypse takes its toll on every nation. Will Mother Nature have mercy in the end? Or will everyone fall at the hands of Zombie Zero?

My Review: 
The book starts with a massive DNA related info dump from the scientist to explain the zombies that have been created in his lab. A fair amount of it went over my head and it could've been summed up quite simply in one paragraph instead of the attempt to dazzle the hapless reader with science they probably won't understand.

Chapter two introduces a group of obnoxious sex obsessed students that you just want to get eaten and couldn't care less about. That is followed by two academics talking about colonising Mars and how gender equality book writing is pointless by a white male and talking inane rubbish that put me to sleep. I'm not sure WTF this book is meant to be about other than as a platform for obnoxious characters to spout off about super smart topics that bore me to death.

Unleash the zombies and kill them all already. Pity I won't still be reading this to find out if everyone was chewed. I'm done with this.
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  1. You've not had much luck lately. Hopefully there are better books in your future!

    1. Yeah this week wasn't the greatest overall with the Jaymin Eve books, this zombie thing and a couple of other poor UF...but I did finish a good one which will be posted tonight!