Thursday, 1 September 2016

Book Review: Hunter Hunted by Ashley Meira

Talented witch and monster hunter extraordinaire, Morgan Maxwell has spent most of her life killing deadly paranormal creatures - and searching for any information related to the mother who disappeared from her life when she was four. Following a deadly encounter, Morgan is stuck on bed rest in her hometown and has resigned herself to a few months of binging on TV shows.

But when a straightforward murder investigation takes an even worse turn with the discovery of another body - one that leaves Morgan brokenhearted and lusting for revenge - she's forced to do something she never wanted to do: work with the sexy and insufferably sweet man who came to put her in handcuffs - and not in the fun way.

Oh, and she has to kick a ton of bad guy ass, but that's something she's always happy to do. 

My Review: 
I was not impressed by Morgan as a character as she was a sex obsessed idiot to put it bluntly. A man investigating a massacre that she is the main suspect for comes to talk to her and she spends the whole time thinking about bedding him in countless ways. They go over to her mentors house and find her dead, and literally two minutes later she is sexually flirting with a hot demon in the hallway before going to check the dead body. What the heck is wrong with this bitch. This is the woman who raised you, the closest thing to family you have and despite hearing she has been murdered, all you can think about is bedding two hot guys. I had no reaction to her other than her being an insensitive bitch. When she checks the body, THEN we get a few sniffy tears but of course the flirting had to come first as that was more important.

Morgan spends the next two hours trying to discover which poison is the murder weapon-while having her fantasies about bedding the non demon guy. Oh his lovely lashes and hotness! Gag. And before the potion is even finished, she beds him. Yeah we REALLY are focused on solving the murder as our priority aren't we? Four hours later, she is trying to seduce the demon guy she's already been sleeping casually with. There might actually be a proper story at some point but I'm tired of waiting for it to show up. I just can't be bothered with plots where the MC is sex obsessed. OK we don't see the actual sex scenes but steriotype bitches in heat characters like Morgan do not interest me in the slightest. I endured enough of that with Anita Blake.

Bored with this.
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  1. Sounds like this one totally missed the mark. I don't mind some love interest in books, but it should be in the background and not in the forefront of the story. Yea, Anita got REALLY bad.

    1. I see they are up at book 24 for Anita and people are still complaining about the same old plot and it being all about Anita's men and no crime investigation. That is why I stopped reading long ago. If people don't like it and nothing is changing, they need to stop reading it!