Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Book Review: Ashes of the World by Boyd Craven III (World Burns #2)

The Cayhills make the perfect addition to The Homestead, and there is a wedding to plan. The group starts to salvage what they can from the burned out world.

A new danger arises and one of the Homestead group is injured. Outnumbered and outgunned, they have to use and learn new skills to move silently through the world and avoid its many dangers.

My Review: 
Lisa, Weston and Bobby are now settling into Blake's ranch and trying to make themselves useful and pull their weight. The new task for the group is to raid the abandoned Wal-Mart trucks in town to get more supplies and to deal with a couple of teenagers who show up asking for supplies. Duncan is instantly suspicious of their motives and chases them away but soft hearted Bobby decides to risk trying to help them as he is interested in Melissa, a decision which could put the whole ranch in jeopardy.

This is the second novella in the series and we join the story when the three new arrivals are settling into life at the ranch and, they hope, a safer environment. Bobby is not the sharpest tool in the box and his personal interest in Melissa overcomes his common sense as well as the rules on the ranch. Despite being told by Duncan to stay away from the strangers, Bobby disregards that to do what he wants, risking the ranch safety in general. He really is a bit of an idiot. He's probably is my least favourite character though I don't dislike him. I just get really frustrated by his ongoing stupidity. Weston is the smarter brother and was in training as a cop when the EMP hit and the family fled for their lives. They and mother Lisa are the new arrivals at the ranch and are expected to do their bit. I liked Lisa and it will be interesting to see if things develop between her and Duncan.

The tension level is ramped up in this book when our group come into new danger. The two teenagers at their property are just the start of their troubles and opinion is mixed on how to deal with it. I admit that I sided with Duncan, mainly because I'm already the most suspicious person on the planet and that is without living in an apocalypse situation! Blake is going to have to deal with the outcome of Bobby's actions and it leads to the discovery of a group of heavily armed psychos with a captured harem of women. The group are going to be tested morally and physical over the choice of trying to rescue the women or put the safety of their ranch first.

I liked the changing plot in this book and found it quite a tense and exciting read. There are six of them at the ranch-can they really take on a group of that size who are well armed and very dangerous? I liked the way this plot gradually unfolded as they tried to think of a way to rescue the prisoners. The fact that I was so heavily invested in the fate of the characters proved again how well the author had written them. I was very anxious about Duncan as he is still my favourite character!

As a reader, I have always had a good imagination so I can imagine actually living in one of these apocalypse situations. If I was in one, I would want to be part of a group like this, though perhaps without all the terror that seems to follow them! I very much enjoyed this book and moved right on to book three!
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