Friday, 2 September 2016

Book Review: Ash by Jaymin Eve

Are you an Ash?

*Increased stamina
*Lack of appetite
*Anger outbursts
*Insatiable thirst
*Beauty & Strength

Call the hotline if these symptoms come on suddenly!

Turns out Charlie Bennet was all of those things except the last. Don’t let the name fool you, Charlie was all woman and she wanted nothing to do with the ash … until the day she found out she was one. It all started when infected bats bit a small group of humans and created what are now called vampires. Then, the male vampires knocked up some female humans and the result was a gorgeous race of all male ash. Superhuman freaks that had looks to kill.

Charlie is the first female ash, aka unicorn of the Hive – the gated compound in Portland that the humans have designated to isolate vampires and ash from society. Problem? The Hive is full and only a select few will be allowed to live there. To live at all, really. If Charlie wants to earn the right to become a citizen of the Hive, she will have to survive the culling – a series of fights to the death. And guess what? Just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean she’ll get special treatment.

Good thing there’s Ryder, the mysterious lead ash enforcer, who seems to always have her back. But when secrets bubble to the surface, it will take more than one guy to save her.

My Review:
I tried another series by this author and found it too slow and YA angsty for my tastes so I decided to try a different series and see how I got on. Sadly, this one didn't really appeal to me either.

Firstly, what is it with authors showing no imagination with naming the vampires? If I had a pound for every paranormal vampire book with a character called Lucas or some form of it like Lucian, I would be very rich. There are millions of guys names in the world so can't we stop being sheep and name them something different FFS? THREE books this week had Lucas for a vampire name and it is getting old very fast. And you do know that not every Scottish guy is red headed with a beard? Right, just checking. At least he wasn't called Duncan, which is something.

Charlie is a decent character and one thing I liked about her is that she accepted a situation she couldn't change and tried to adapt quickly to it. I prefer that to the whining and complaining about it not being fair. I can't say the same about her human best friend Tessa who is the drunken bimbo from hell who aspires to be screwed and chewed by vampires. I liked her new vampire friend Jayden much more. However the focus seemed to be on a hot pile of vampire enforcers and Charlie's encounters with them, and of course being personally trained by the hottest vampire of them all which seemed a waste of decent sounding characters. It reminded me of Chloe Neill's vampires without the whiny MC.

This book is not badly written but it was way too slow for me. I stopped at 25% because it just didn't seem to be doing anything but describe every detail of the Hive and introduce piles of hot vampires. I need a bit more going on to keep me interested. I get that the story of Charlie being inducted into vampire society is required but it just wasn't my kind of story. By the time I reached 59/185 pages I decided that was it for me this time. Like I said there's nothing wrong with it but it just didn't greatly appeal to me. 

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