Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Chuckles Does DIY #2

Day Five Saturday
We got up this morning and yes, I wasn't happy with that wall so I had to do a fourth coat which was not a fun time. I don't know why that bit of wall was so bad but I had to get it done. My dad had a rest and picked his horses, doing the finishing touches to the high bits I couldn't reach and thankfully it looks MUCH better. But it was a serious grind!

Day Six Sunday
I feel like a crab fisherman...my hands this morning looked like claws and I could barely do anything. Sadly it was no day of rest as we had to move the furniture back into the middle of the room, tidying junk as we did so and getting bags of rubbish out to the bin. It seemed to take forever and my dad was sorting out his dvds and cds and changing his mind where he wanted to put everything...but by dinner time at 4pm we were pretty much done.

Day Seven Monday
We had to spend the morning getting the shopping done which left us both knackered! Can I say how much I HATE unpacking the shopping into fridge, freezer and cupboard??? The afternoon was spent moving all the furniture away from the last part of the room-bookcase full of cds and dvds, sterio, hoover, clothes horse, and so on. I really am knackered and so is my dad! We really do have too much stuff so I think a winter clear out is required...

Day Eight Tuesday
I felt crappy today but had to get on with the first coat of the window wall and around the kitchen door. I'd finished that by 10.30am and was pleased to note that the painting went easier than that last wall-thankfully! But just for fun I decided to trip over the telephone wire and land on my face, slightly twisting my ankle. Great! No harm done though and I'm ok to get on with coat two on those walls after I have a nice cheese toastie for lunch.    

The second coat is done and I'm flagging. Sore back, hands, fingers, hips...ugh! It's 13.30pm and I'm wondering if I'll have time for a third coat before I make dinner. It's not drying that well so it will maybe be a fourth coat on it but I'll see how the third coat has dried when I get up tomorrow. I HATE DIY...!


  1. You are so right...putting away groceries is the worst. And I thought the husband I were the only ones who hated doing it! Glad the end seems in sight with the painting.

    1. One small bit of wall needed a fourth coat but that was a half hour job first thing and now it's done. Yea! The rest of today will be putting all the stuff back in place which could be an all day job but I'm so glad it's over!!!