Sunday, 25 September 2016

Book Review: Prepper's Crucible #4 by Bobby Andrews

After surviving a savage battle with a gang of bikers, our group of preppers tackles the next challenge. They must eliminate a group of convicts that has been murdering entire families in the area around the ranch. Then, Cory and Ben must make a hazardous journey back to Phoenix to find Cory’s sister, and Ben’s sons. In order to do that, they must cross the burning city, which is ruled by gangs of thugs. Follow along as our group continues to struggle for survival in a world gone mad, where the only rule is to survive by whatever means necessary.

My Review:
The situation has become serious at the ranch with the arrival of scouts from the armed gang and Don is ready to take action. Cory enlists the help of Bear and the police to track down and deal with the remaining gang members to eliminate the threat. As Don takes measures to protect the rest of the group, Ben and Cory start thinking about the rest of their family in the city.

Whew, the ranch looked to be in real danger at the end of the last book, which got my nerves going, but this time they dodged a bullet as it was a scouting party who did not attempt to engage them. It is enough to worry Don, who decides that a cave he knows of in the forest should be stocked with all their extra supplies in case they have to leave the ranch if it is attacked. It gives them something productive to do while Cory and Bear go looking for the rest of the gang. Bear is very clear that he wants to take them alive if possible which Cory is not in agreement with. On this matter I am certainly with Cory, that's for sure.

Ben is starting to fret about his sons Eric and Justin, who are still in the city, and he wants to find them and bring them to the ranch, in spite of the danger of the journey. Cory is also considering making the trip to look for his sister Rachael and the two men start talking about a rescue mission. The rest of the group are concerned about the danger of the trip with nobody having any decent information about what is happening in the city. Regardless, the two men decide they have to try to find out if their families are still alive.

The book then splits into two distinct stories. Ben and Cory set out together to get to the nearest target which is where Ben's sons live. Don is concerned for their safety and at the ranch, he starts putting together a rescue plan with Bear if they are not back in good time. I was just as concerned especially about Ben. I really worry about that guy! The group also start to organise hunting parties to stock up on meat to add to their supplies and to supply the town, while keeping guard of the security cameras. 

The ending of this book...AARRGGHHH!!!!! What are you doing to me?????

Read February 2016. 
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    1. Five books in the series were good but the final book was a bit of a disappointment-I hate that in a series!