Friday, 23 September 2016

Book Review: Prepper's Crucible #3 by Bobby Andrews

In Volume Three of Prepper’s Crucible, our group encounters a situation that is spinning out of
control. Gangs are on the attack. Local law enforcement needs help countering the existential threat the gangs pose. Don and Kate come to loggerheads over his participation in the defense of the town. Cory steps up, and becomes a leader within the group. An epic battle takes place on the outskirts of town, with Don in command of the defending force. Follow along as our group steps up and takes a stand against evil.

My Review: 
Dangerous times are coming to the group at the ranch when Deputy Baxter visits to warn them of drug addicts on the rampage and a well armed gang released from prison who are targeting rural properties. When a neighbouring property is targeted, a distraught Ben tells the group of the fate of the family, convincing Don and Cory to join him in a revenge attack to stop them from hurting anyone else.

In this book, the group decide that to protect themselves and other survivors in the area, they need to attack and destroy the killers. There are mixed views and much debate over what exactly to do but the men are determined to come up with a plan to take out as many as possible. Can they actually carry out such a raid without compromising the safety of those at the ranch? It is also decided that they need to alter their own defence plans to take into account the new threat facing them. If this wasn't enough Sheriff Bear reveals that a 200 strong biker group are heading their way, destroying every place that they pass through, and Don agrees to assist in drawing up a battle plan to save the town, which leads to conflict with a worried Kate.

I liked Sheriff Bear, Cory's former brother-in-law. He is a good honest man who wants to do everything by the book, believing that law will some day be restored and that people will be held accountable for their actions. He views the attack on the raiders as illegal and is suspicious of Don and Cory's involvement in it, not wanting confirmation. While you want to yell at Bear that these are criminals who are killing people, you do understand that he is sworn to protect, not kill people, and does not wish to be judge and jury. We see Cory starting to change in this book. He has decided that killing bad people is more important than the rule of law and he proves to be more ruthless than anyone expected.

As well as seeing the three men dealing with the issue of armed gangs, there is plenty of interest happening at the ranch. Everyday life is now being balanced with the need for defence and security, and an alternative plan is needed in case they need to leave the ranch. Everyone is in a state of high anxiety which is transmitted to the reader...I was getting worried about what was going to happen to the characters as there is nobody that I don't like! Darn these authors for making you care about the characters!

There was so much I liked about the book. This is the book with the most action in it and the tension is ramped up greatly. The run-ins with the raiders and the fight against the bikers lead to action packed and tension filled scenes which I very much enjoyed. I'm not going into details about what happens during these scenes as I don't want to ruin it for anyone who plans to read the series. I loved the way Don and the people in the town came up with the defence plan and started to implement it. It was an unexpected but exciting addition to the story. It also leads to Cory having his own crisis to deal with back at the ranch.

This was probably my favourite book in the series which has certainly kept up its standards so far.

Read February 2016.
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