Saturday, 17 September 2016

Chuckles Does DIY

It has been a bit of a trying week as my dad and I decided to finally get our living room painted. We picked out this lovely Peach Parfait shade but things have been going less than smoothly. 

Day One Tuesday
We decided to split it into three parts as we have a lot of bookcases and heavy furniture to move and not much space so we started at the front of the room. This was the window wall and along a bit to the living room door. We had to move the computer and chair, a three shelf bookcase and the heaviest TV unit in the world plus a pile of magazines, paperwork, Playstations etc. I was starting to regret the whole thing and I hadn't lifted a brush in anger...

Day Two Wednesday
I have been nagging my dad about helping me get this done for about a year and I also told him to check that the paint hadn't gone off-which he said wasn't necessary. So after moving all the furniture on Tuesday night, we opened the paint on Wednesday morning...and it was kind of curdled! So we had a delay of 90 minutes as we had to buy in more paint and figured out how to put the new ladders together. Great start. As we put it on the walls we realised with dread that it was going to take three coats. Wonderful. We got two coats done today and had to leave the rest until tomorrow.

Day Three Thursday
We got the third coat on and we're happy with how it looks. We spent the afternoon getting the furniture moved back and I planned a nice night of reading and rest. My dad decided to start moving furniture to get the next bit painted. This meant moving all his bookcases packed with cds and playstation games and his chair and a pile of junk that I was itching to put in the bin. This took forever! Groan! My poor back!  
Day Four Friday
We moved the piles of cds again to leave a path into the kitchen so we can eat something, and then we got started. This was continuing along the living room door wall to the halfway point of the room. It looks like a small area but the paint just didn't like the wall for some reason and the three coats were very hard going. When we finished, we started worrying that it was going to need a fourth coat which was sickening. 

So it looks like the weekend will be full of painting and lugging furniture around so no Stacking the Shelves this week. I'll report later on how the painting is going!


  1. I hate DIY but I'll be damned if I pay someone else to do it! Hope you managed to get it all finished without any shouting!!

    1. I hate it too but I agree with you about not letting someone else do it! I don't like strangers in my home, I'd be worried what kind of mess they'd do of it AND a lot of these people charge a fortune!

  2. When I paint, I always end up getting it on the wall and then the color looks off. I don't mind painting but hate moving everything! Can't wait to hear about more progress.

    1. It's the moving of stuff that is bugging me most! We're about to get on with moving crap around ready to do the last section in the next few days. Ugh! Another DIY update once we are done!!!