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Book Review: Cries of the World by Boyd Craven III (World Burns #6)

The homestead has become a pillar of a new growing community. Through the broadcasts, the new supposed interim 'Governor', John Davis learns of them and visits the homestead so he and his troops can inspect and redistribute both materials and personnel. Since the homestead has started taking in survivors of the EMP and helping everyone they can, they've grown in both size and numbers of the community.

The interim Governor does not realize he's bitten off more than he can chew with Back Country J, nor did he realize that every able bodied member of the community is now learning the skills needed for survival and self-reliance. When push comes to shove, does Blake and Sandra give in to the Governor's demands if he is in fact legitimate? What are the consequences if they don't?

In Alabama, Michael and King set off on foot for the next closest FEMA camp in Louisiana over John's half-hearted objections. Michael is hell bent on finding Lukashenko and doing whatever it will take to free his mother. There's a small problem though; Murphy of Murphy's Law took a backseat on their adventures. Who will Murphy turn his wrath on? 

My Review: 
The new 'governor' of Kentucky and his guard unit arrive at the homestead and declare that they will be taking their supplies to give to others they deem fit to receive, which angers the survivors. They are determined to take on 'Boss Hogg' and defy him, discovering that his unit is full of hired killers and criminals who are looting everywhere. When the head of the unit deserts to join the rebels, Silverman, Blake and Sandra become prime targets for the wrath of the governor.

Michael and King are now on a road trip, heading to the nearest FEMA camp in pursuit of their camp's leader, hoping that Michael's mother may also have been moved there. It is a dangerous trip and the closer they get to the camp, the worse it becomes but Michael will stop at nothing to find his mother while King has some payback in mind.

Jeez I hated 'Boss Hogg'. The guy was an arrogant, vile, obnoxious little git who was taking his newfound power and making life miserable for everyone. He is determined to take everything the homestead has worked for and get the glory for 'saving' survivors with the supplies-or maybe just taking them for himself. He is surrounded by dangerous criminals, bringing them into conflict with the homesteaders who are determined not to give in to him. The brutal methods that he employs to get his own way left me really mad with him. I wanted payback!!!

There is a lot of action in this book with the homesteaders being under pretty much constant attack from the evil so called governor. It really does go at quite a pace which is something I enjoy in this kind of book. It does fray the nerves a bit though when the characters you like are in constant danger! The other thread running through the book is following Michael and King on their journey. I was pleased to see this as it meant we saw more of King than we did in the last book and I certainly hope we see a lot more of him. I liked the developing friendship that he has with Michael as their trip progresses.

There are more new characters introduced in this book but we don't see much of them as they appear nearer to the end of the story but they might be in the next few books so I'll talk more about them then. We have a second FEMA camp and a new plan needs to be thought up to get in there and find Michael's mother. This FEMA story for me was more entertaining that in the last book but that is just personal preference and has not affected my enjoyment of the series in any way.

Another good solid story in the series.
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