Sunday, 5 July 2015

The TBR 100 Book Countdown Challenge 571-546

My tbr has managed to sneak up over 600 books again and action must be taken!!! So I am setting myself a pretty tough challenge-to get that tbr from 612 as it stands today, down to 500 books by December 31st. Yes it is an impossible sounding task but not everything on the tbr is full length reading-there are short stories, novellas and novels to be devoured! Even if I don't get to the target, I'll be pleased if I get close. It would be the first time in 5 years that my tbr was 500 or less! My updates on my progress won't be weekly, just whenever I have something to report! Anyone who wants to try and reduce their tbr is welcome to post on my update posts about their progress!

I am halfway to my target and it's only July! I can't tell you how happy this makes me and I can really see progress being made at last. This week, I decided to tackle the horrors and thrillers that are on my house bookshelves as well as on my ereaders. The paperbacks are books I picked up in job lots at sales because I'd heard of the authors-though I've not been too lucky with this lot! Still, abandoned books come off the tbr just the same as books I've read and enjoyed, so I'm still happy with the way things are going!

Again I have three categories-the books I have finished reading, the books I abandoned due to not enjoying them, and the books I decided not to read at all. The books I chose not to read are books later in a series I've already abandoned (ie Deadlocked) or other books by authors that I've tried and haven't liked. (ie Bentley Little) So here is my latest progress report!


AR Wise-Deadlocked 2 

Brian Keene-Castaways 

Mark Horrell-Thieves, Liars and Mountaineers 


Harrison Geillor-The Zombies of Lake Woebegotten 

Rick Hautala-Mountain King

Jeremy Bates-Suicide Forest

AR Wise-Deadlocked 3

Bentley Little-The Revelation 

Bentley Little-The Vanishing 

Bentley Little-The Resort 


I added the eleven unread Bentley Little novels that were in my possession to the not interested pile. I didn't like any of the books of his that I tried this week so rather than plough through the rest of them, I accepted that this author wasn't for me and moved on.

Having decided to abandon the AR Wise Deadlocked series at book three, I saw no point in reading the other five books that I had and deleted them from my ereader.

Steve Harris-Black Rock 

Steve Harris-The Devil on May Street 


  1. Congratulations Chuckles! Whenever I read your progress my jaw hits the floor. I love your dedication to your tbr list goal!

    I've decided to take a leaf from your book! Yes, you inspired me! My Kindle has what feels like zillions of books on it, and I always seem to buy more. I'm going to read at least one book a week off my Kindle and review it... it's better than 'once every blue moon' like before, but nothing compared to your goal.

    Either way I felt you should know you inspire other readers too :)

    Good luck with your challenge!
    Amy x

    1. Thanks for your kind words Amy, it was really sweet of you! Good luck for your Kindle challenge-it's not always easy to find the time and motivation for a book challenge so I hope it goes well. Keep me updated on how you're going!

    2. Thank you Chuckles :D you're right there! I've started with Dear John this week, I saw the movie and liked it so hopefully the book is better.
      It's just a bit annoying at the moment, I've just finished Vampire Academy book 3/9 and I'm limiting the series to one book per week too so my blog isn't all vampires out. I just don't like putting down a good series :( even temporary, it hurts lol. I think I have all the books too... *sigh* gotta give other books a chance too though. You ever feel like that in your challenge?

    3. I read the first Morganville Vampires book years ago and when I really liked it, instead of reading on, I skipped to other series. I wanted to see what I had on my shelves that I wanted to keep and what I wanted to trade. Only problem is, by the time I wanted to read Morganville book two, I could barely remember what happened in book one! My memory is so bad that I think I'll need to binge read entire series so I can keep up with events!

      One book per week from a series sounds reasonable though-you're getting through the series but still giving yourself time to read other things. I might try that when I go to read the whole Morganville series! The problem I have with this challenge is deciding what to read next-I can never make up my mind! One minute I think I should catch up with a series and binge read it, the next I think I should try a range of different books...So I can understand your problem!

    4. I'm glad I could help :D I used to be the same with deciding what to read next, and because I do the Sunday Post meme, I need to know in advance what I'm going to read! Eugh! I used to review a series for the full week but then I didn't like it after book two, then be reluctant to read the next ones. I like mixing it up a bit now (one from a series per week) because it's close enough to remember the storyline, but I'm under no obligation to review the others if I didn't like the series :D I'd definitely recommend it. And, if you finish your reading quota for the week... you can always splurge and binge read whatever you have time for! he he. That's what I do :P It's like a treat. "Hurry up and read these then you can finish the next book", ha ha.

      I really hope you enjoy the Morganville Vampires books when you get around to reading them :) I hope the first is as good as you remember it. I love returning to series I loved the first time around.

      I hope your challenge is going well!

      Take care,
      Amy x

  2. Good luck with getting your to-read list down. I am trying to make a dent in my review books pile this year, but I keep adding to it as well, which isn't really helping. It's nice to see progress when you set a goal. You really made a nice dent so far!

    1. That's the problem isn't it-for every book we read we see another ten we want! At the moment I'm limiting my buying so that I'm reading more than I'm buying so hopefully that continues through the summer! Good luck with your review books pile!

  3. I saw that you abandoned AR 3. I was curious as you finished 2 this week. Oh well. On to the next book. :)

    1. Deadlocked 2 was ok-I'd have given it 2.5 stars if I could, rather than three as some of the plot started to get silly. Deadlocked 3 started dumb and got so stupid that I lost patience with it and decided to forget the rest of the series.

      Like you say, on to the next book!

  4. You're doing awesome so far! That's a lot of abandoning! Although at least you know what you're not interested in so you don't have to worry about those books anymore. :)

    1. That's exactly right! I've been surprised at how many I haven't liked and those books have been cluttering up my shelves or clogging my ereader! It's nice to liberate them in some way!