Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Book Review: Sue Barton Neighbourhood Nurse by Helen Dore Boylston (Sue Barton #6)

Sue Barton left her position as Superintendent of Nurses at the Springdale, New Hampshire Hospital in order to raise a family. Now she and Dr. Bill have three children: six-year-old Tabitha and the four-year-old twins, Johnny and Jerry. Sue is happy in her job as wife and mother until she goes to a reunion of her class in nursing school where the accomplishments of others make her feel as if she is stagnating. Yet Sue finds herself using her talents in countless ways as she nurses the neighborhood. She finds work for a disabled farmer; she pinch-hits for the visiting nurse; she helps bring the famous artist, Mona Stuart and her teenage daughter Cal together. And always something is happening at home for Sue and Bill and their faithful Veazie Ann to cope with - Jerry's strange tantrums, Johnny's disappearance in the woods with his little friend Anne, Tabitha's attempt to run away. Are Sue's training and abilities wasted on all these daily and personal small problems? Her customary humor and warm good sense help her decide.

My Review:
Kit and Sue go to visit the hospital they trained in and Sue starts to wonder if being a stay at home mum is a waste of her nursing skills. She finds herself caught up in the drama of her famous artist neighbour and her neglected daughter, while her own children bring their own unique problems.

This one was interesting because Sue is raising her kids and is not working, but her medical and social skills are required to solve a few problems. Cal likes to hang around at the Barry house and spend time with Sue and the kids, and Sue is determined to help the girl repair her fractured relationship with her mother and find her a few new friends. Of course Sue's interfering, however well intentioned, is not an instant success! You could see things from the sides of Cal and Mona.

Sue's kids are little devils! Tabitha sulking and running away to invade Mona's house, Jerry's tantrums and strange behaviour and Johnny's determination not to be sererated from his new friend Anne. The scene where Sue is trying to show a rich neighbour the importance of stable parenting is so funny as her kids decide to create utter anarchy during the visit. I was in stitches laughing!

My favourite part of the story was Johnny and Anne's adventures. It was quite sweet to see how the pair adored each other in that innocent way that kids have before hormones wreck things. The story shows different sides to Sue and Bill, and helps to bring Cal and Mona closer together. There may not be much action but it was really well written. This was a good addition to the series. 
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