Friday, 17 July 2015

Book Review: Sue Barton Superintendent Nurse by Helen Dore Boylston (Sue Barton #5)

Sue marries Bill and becomes head of a small new nursing school; problems with Marianna and the other students, dissatisfaction with her job, and a rift in her marriage complicate Sue's life.

My Review:
I noticed with a groan that the plot on the back of the book featured yet another relationship crisis for Sue and Bill, AND she was doing a job that she doesn't like. I had a few reservations about this book and it turned out to be the poorest in the series.

Lets start with Bill and Sue. Bill is in a mood because Sue doesn't want to go fishing with him. Bill is in a mood because when he returns from fishing, Sue is more concerned about his bleeding hand than the big fish he has caught. Your wife is a trained nurse you idiot! Of course she is going to deal first with the bleeding hand of her doctor husband and not be caring much about the fish until that has been dealt with. Bill is in a mood because Sue keeps talking about her problem with Marianna. Bill doesn't like Sue being flippant sometimes. Bill is in a mood because Sue was out with Kit instead of him, and like a spoiled brat, he won't let Sue explain what happened. He is back to the sulky boy we saw in book two. I wanted to shoot him in this book. He does not treat Sue well and then he gets sulky again when Sue won't confide in him about Marianna! You told her you didn't want to hear any more about Marianna and now you think Sue doesn't love you because she won't talk to you about Marianna? Jeez Bill, why don't you grow up???

Is Kit ever planning to be anything other than Sue's sidekick? In the last book, Bill got Kit the job in charge at a hospital nearby, yet here she takes a demotion to play assistant to Sue? Frankly, Kit is the one who should be Superintendent and Sue on the wards, instead of having both women in jobs unsuited to their skills. It seems as if Sue can't function without Kit being there. I do like Kit and I'm pleased she features heavily in the book but please let her get the job she deserves! And I miss Connie who has vanished from the universe it seems.

The student nurses are a mixed bunch and Jean is seriously in need of a slap. Ooh I'm going to hate Sue just because you all love her. How childish is that? I was more mature at ten than some of these dumb girls are at 18 and over! Every time Jean appeared I got even more fed up with the book. Then we get Marianna behaving like a rude little brat as usual-but the good news is that she decides to leave nursing and runs away! Hurrah! It was fun not to have to listen to her moan and complain for a while.

This was not a great book. There was too much pointless angst and very little about the actual nursing. The lack of plot and focus on silly fights between Sue and Bill made this a bit disappointing.
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