Monday, 27 July 2015

Chuckles TV Catch Up #4

This is my new feature for the summer! I have sooo many great sounding TV shows that I want to watch but because of all my reading, I haven't had time to catch up with any of them! So this summer I'm doing a Chuckles TV catch up where I hope to get a look at some TV, decide what I like and don't like and tell you all my thoughts on everything. Now, my TV watching is very much mood related so I can't predict what I'll want to watch...

This week: Hannibal starring Mads Mikkelsen, Laurence Fishburne, Hugh Dancy, Caroline Dhavernas. 
Filmography links and data courtesy of IMDb.

I was convinced for some reason that I wasn't going to like this series before I even got to episode one, thinking it was going to be too slow for me. I was pleased to be proven wrong and watched eight episodes in one night. I'm now the proud owner of the dvd box sets for season one and two which I hope to catch up with soon. 

So what did I like about it? Mads Mikkelsen is excellent as Hannibal. Yes he is the bad guy but at times you can't help rooting for him. He is elegant, cultured and intriguing but don't ever accept a dinner invitation from him! I found his 'friendship' with Jack Crawford interesting, showing the different sides to the two characters that I remember so well from Silence of the Lambs. Laurence Fishburne for me is a very underrated actor. Hugh Dancy is excellent as the tortured and slightly insane Will Graham. Having supporting cast like Gina Torres and Eddie Izzard was also good.

This is not a series for the fainthearted. It is gory, brutal and violent-and I like it! It is a clever show as one minute you want Hannibal to get caught, and the next you want him to get away with it. I like the way Will gets into the head of the killers to solve the crimes, making it a bit different from other crime dramas. The plots are good and the killers are certainly inventive and creative!

My one niggle is the dreams that Will has about that damn stag. I get a bit tired of seeing variations of that dream in every episode. However it doesn't spoil the show and I very much enjoyed what I have watched so far. Recommended!  

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