Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Book Review: Sue Barton Staff Nurse by Helen Dore Boylston (Sue Barton #7)

Nothing ever stands still in Sue Barton's household. Just when Sue thinks that she has everything under control, with Tabitha at school, the twins and baby Sue in good health, bang comes the discovery that Dr. Bill, her husband, is in trouble. He is ordered off to a sanatorium for six months. Sue applies for and quickly receives a job as staff nurse at the Springdale Hospital, where she had once been Director of Nurses. Sue enjoys working directly with patients far better than executive work, and it isn't long before she is involved in staff personalities and problems. Sue Barton's talent for getting into and out of a tangle of human relations propels her through her personal and professional ups and downs in this final tale of the enchanting red-headed nurse from New Hampshire.

My Review:
Sue's life is turned upside down when Bill is taken ill on a fishing trip and has to go into a sanatorium. Trying to juggle looking after four kids and finding a job to pay the bills while Bill is gone keeps her busy and she is quickly employed as a staff nurse by Kit. Sue is determined to be seen as a nurse and not just Bill's wife, helping both patients and staff.

It was nice in this last book to see Sue back to being a nurse who deals with patients. I felt the series lost its way a bit when she became an executive at the hospital but this was back to Sue as we first met her. I liked all the stories from the ward, the way Sue tried to help the nurses with their personal problems, and had to deal with a very unsettled home life as a lot of working mothers do.

With Bill recovering from illness, there were none of the dumb petty fights that annoyed me in previous books, so that was a good thing! We only got a few pages of the annoying Marianna, and we see plenty of Kit who now has the job that her skills are suited for. I liked the plot and some of the patients were quite entertaining. I don't want to give away too much of it in case I spoil things for other readers.

This book had a mixture of humour and drama on the wards, dealing with personal issues and the ups and downs of relationships. It was the perfect book to finish off Sue's story as she finally finds a place in nursing where she is suited and comfortable. This series may be outdated in some ways, having been written in the 1930s, but I still found it to be a good series to read again. 
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