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Chuckles Corrie Mania #6

Welcome to Chuckles Corrie Mania! I watched Coronation Street all through the late 70's, 80's and early 90's but lost touch with it by 1999 due to work. So discovering that kind Corrie viewers have uploaded a ton of classic episodes on YouTube was great! I've spent two years gathering as many as I can, ready to get watching, and as I work my way through them, I'll be reviewing what I watch and sharing my thoughts. Would love to hear the thoughts on these episodes from other fans.

Thank you to Auntie Corrie(1976-1994), Mr Magister(1961,1995-2000), Classicsoap(2001+), CLKfanvideos(2006,2010,2011), corriestuff(various), OZZY45100(1960's, 1970's), FullEps(2009), XCorrieClassicsX(2006-2009), albiondean(2012-present), Sevin Alsoylar(2006,2011), Soap Fan 2013(various), JonathanOpenshaw(various) and everyone else who has supplied episodes online.

The next three episodes appeared on the Network 1960's DVD box set for 1961 and the fourth is from a Coronation Street 1961 VHS tape.

March 13th 1961
Jack is never about making a speech at daughter Joan's wedding while Annie gloats about her daughter's husband and prospects. The women turn out on the street to get a glimpse of the bride leaving, giving Ena and Elsie the chance for another fight. The local football team are interested in signing up David (right). The Walkers are tired of putting up with Gordon's obnoxious uncle all day and then discover he is not actually a relation.

Annie is at her smugest in this episode and it is no surprise that none of the neighbours get a wedding invite!

April 17th 1961
Ena hopes that her damaged ankle might save her from eviction but she is finally forced to move in with Martha while Minnie (left) confesses to Annie that she refused to take Ena. Martha soon gets tired of Ena bossing her around. Jack deals with a customer that is harrassing Concepta. Ken has begun a relationship with an older woman, Marian, the university librarian. A reluctant Emily has to take on Ena's duties and Christine tells Esther that she doesn't want to get engaged to Joe but can't bring herself to tell him. Albert tries to get Ena her job back.

You have to feel sorry for Martha and Minnie, putting up with the bossy bullying from Ena! 

September 11th 1961
Nancy receives word that the council have found an OAP bungalow for her. Frank is concerned when Ida is late home and send Ken to Beattie's house to see if she is there. Dennis gets an interview with an agent who wants to hire him as a talent scout.  When the police receive a report of a missing woman from Frank, they realise that Ida is the woman who was killed by a bus earlier that day.  Alf  (right) takes the police to the Rovers to tell Frank and Ken the bad news. 

This was quite a dramatic episode, following the Barlows as they become concerned about Ida, and also following the police as they try to identify the mystery woman who was killed by a bus. It was sad because I liked Ida. It seems that the actress who played her, Noel Dyson, was alarmed at the fans intrusion into her private life when the show became so popular and couldn't deal with this kind of fame. Such a shame!

September 13th 1961
Frank and Ken struggle to cope with their grief as the saddened neighbours prepare their floral tributes to Ida. An upset Jack tells Annie that he can't bear the thought of losing her like that. Harry angrily defends the bus driver involved in the accident. Jed Stone (left) asks Dennis for a job so he can go straight. There is no sign of David at the funeral which gets everyone talking but he tells Ken on the phone that he was there.  

The scene where Jack gets upset at the thought of losing Annie was so touching that it brought a lump to my throat! Poor Frank looks totally lost as he faces the future with only Ken for support. It was nice to get this VHS episode to follow on from the death of Ida.

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