Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Turkish delights and a busy week

So it has been a pretty busy week which has kept me away from blogging for a couple of days. I had to go and do the chore of food shopping for the week but a visit to Marks & Spencer uncovered the chance to try some new dishes! They have a great selection of food from around the world-Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Greece, Japan plus of course the usual Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Indian. I decided to try a few new things so this week I'm going to have dinner in Greece and Japan which should be fun!

On Monday, I tried my first Turkish meal-Lamb Kofte Pide and it was YUM! Basically, it is crispy pastry with minced lamb and chicken meatballs in a very lightly spiced tomato sauce with a few chilli and parsley flakes (see main picture above). I don't like spicy food so this was a nice mild meal, tasty and filling which I will certainly eat again! A nice touch of Heinz mayonnaise just finished it nicely!

On Tuesday I spent the morning making my Curried Potato and Apple soup. It's not hard to make but it takes so LONG to peel and chop all the potatoes and apples! I swear, I need a House Elf to help me around the house! Winky, do you need a new job?

I was also waiting all day for an Amazon package with another ten books in it so I was all happy and buzzing when that came! Restraint has gone out the window but to be fair, they were all in a sale and it would be RUDE not to buy them at that price. *clears throat*

Today I'm trying to get a few blog posts up in between getting some cleaning done, which I really can't be bothered with! I really need to get on with these pesky book reviews...I take notes as I read each book to help me remember what it was about when I come to do the review, since I have a dreadful short term memory! I've got well over a 100 reviews that need to be done and no motivation to get on with it! 


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