Friday, 11 September 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Completed series I have yet to finish!

Yes I know, it's Friday, and a bit late to be posting this but I've been on holiday for four days and this is a topic I do want to post about! I have lots of series I need to catch up with but here are 10 completed series that I need to finish... 

1) Rachel Caine-The Morganville Vampires
15 novels and a ton of short stories...but I've only read the first book in the series! ERK! To say I'm way behind is putting it mildly! I loved the cover which is what attracted me to pick it from the shelf and it sounded great. When I read it, I loved it and bought the others as they came out. As soon as the short story anthology is released, I'm doing a Morganville month to get all of it read!

2) John Marsden-Tomorrow when the war began
A series and a spin off trilogy but I have read and loved the first two books in the series. I love this dystopian series about a group of teenagers who return from a camping trip to find their town and country invaded by enemy troops. This is about how they fight back. LOVED the action and tension and really want to get on with the series!

3) Carrie Vaughn-Kitty Norville  
This series is about 15 books long with the short story anthology and again I've still only read book one! I enjoyed it and as I'm a big werewolf fan, it had something a bit different to it. Course, I read it so long ago I can't remember anything about it so a full series catchup is required!

4) Jaye Wells-Sabina Kane
A shorter series but I've only read the first book, though I have another series by the same author with awesome covers that I haven't started yet. I liked the characters, the humour, the action and the funny sidekick demon!

5) DD Barant-Bloodhound Files
Paranormal creatures, a golem sidekick who is seriously cool, being kidnapped to a place where humans are the minority to help solve hate crimes, kickass heroine, humour, action-this series has everything! I LOVED the first book and want to see what happens in the rest of the series.

6) Eoin Colfer-Artemis Fowl
I've read the first three or four books and I loved the humour and the characters. I really need to do a series reread and get caught up with everything.


7) Christina Henry-Black Wings
I'm never a huge fan of romance in UF books but this one gets it right and has the right blend of action and humour to go with it along with an adorable gargoyle sidekick! I've only read the first book but I really want to read the next six!

8) CE Murphy-The Walker Papers
This was totally different-coyote spirits, OAP sidekick, mythology, action, The Wild Hunt...I really enjoyed book one. There are about ten books in the series so again, I'm way behind!

9) Joelle Charbonneau-The Testing
I've read the first book in this series and thought it was a great read so I'm excited to read the rest of the trilogy. The first half of the book is the brutal and fatal tests that the students must pass, the second half is a survival journey where your fellow students, starvation and danger might kill you. Loved it!

10) RL Naquin-Monster Haven
Take a clumsy, empath wedding planner and a supercook closet monster, and have them run a sanctuary for magical creatures who need help. Skunk Apes, brownies, reaper romance and a sadistic incubus killing off women in the town. This is funny, action packed and has some wonderful characters! The only reason I haven't read the last two books is that I don't WANT it to end!!!


  1. We have a lot in common with this, even though I didn't put them on my list. I have only read the first Morganville Vampire book, the first Kitty book and the first Black Wings book. I want to at least finish the Christina Henry series and have all of the books. I agree that the gargoyle, Beezle, is the best sidekick ever!

    1. I love Beezle! I think the length of things like Kitty has me scared to start reading it but I need to make the effort! I need to reread all these book ones to remind myself of what happened!

  2. Oooh! I forgot about The Testing series. I think I got the first two as e-galleys, but not the 3rd, so didn't get it done. I also feel like I should try the Morganville Vampire series sometime, but it seems like a long series to start now. Great list!

    1. Book one of The Testing was soooo good! I was expecting a rip off of the Hunger Games but it was so much more than that. I really hope they turn it into films!

  3. I have to write this all over again now because i lost my internet connection lol.
    The gist was:
    1) I've only read Black Wings on this list
    2) I tell you off for not reading more of them
    3) Explain they can be a bit repetative, but are original enough to continue
    4) Enthuse about Beezle
    5) Admit I still need to read the last one
    6) Forgive you if you promise to read book two by next year

    Ok? ;) that's the short version... Lol.

    Happy reading!
    Amy x

    1. *giggles* I think I need a major kick up the butt to get me caught up with all these series! I'm planning a few other top tens about unfinished ongoing series and indie series I started etc-now I need to find more time to do it! I promise I will try to get further with Black Wings by next year! I'm missing Beezle...

  4. I need to get round to quite a few of these too...!

    1. There are just too many great sounding books in the world!

  5. I don't even want to think about the series I have on this list. lol.

    All of these series are amazing sounding. :)