Friday, 25 September 2015

The Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

I saw this tag when I was visiting the blog of Alma over at Journey through fiction and she tagged anyone visiting who wanted to take part. It looked like fun as I love answering questions about my reading!

Please remember this is a FUN book tag and if you are visiting my blog just to argue about my choices or to complain about it, then you're missing the whole point! By all means express your opinion respectfully but if you start this 'how can you HATE that wonderful book, are you mad?' nonsense, your comment won't be published!

1) A popular book or series you didn't like 
How long have you got? Catch 22 and The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy are two of the worst books I've ever read! As for series, I read several of Terry Pratchett's Discworld books but just couldn't get into them. They were well written etc but just didn't appeal to me for some reason.

2) A book or series that everyone seemed to hate but you loved 
Hmmm, this was tricky. I don't think there is anything obvious-I tend to be the one who hates the popular things! I'm picking out an urban fantasy that I gave 5 stars to which had quite a few low star ratings. It is The Bloodhound Files series by DD Barant. I totally loved book one, Dying Bites, to bits and it was one of my all time favourite books in the genre!

3) A love triangle where the person ended up with the person you did not want or an OTP you didn't like 
I couldn't think of an answer to this because I go out of my way to avoid books that have even a hint of love triangles in their plots. 

4) A popular book genre you hardly reach for 
*grins* fantasy, crime, romance and contemporary! I hardly read anything from these genres! 

5) A popular beloved character that you do not like 
If there is one thing that baffles me, it is readers swooning over brooding 'heroes' who slap their women around. I HATED Heathcliffe in Wuthering Heights for this reason and I felt the same about the actions of Jericho Barrons from the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. Trying to break a womans ribs and dragging her around by the hair is not going to make me love this thug!

6) A popular author that you can't get into 
There are a lot, believe me! Patrick Ness is pretty high on the list. I did not like anything of his that I tried and really hated his MC Todd in the Chaos Walking series because of his cruelty to his poor dog. 

7) A popular book trope that you're tired of seeing
I totally HATE insta-luv and love triangles! Urban fantasy is being swamped by this rubbish and has stopped me reading countless books in the genre. I hate both because the romance angst always gets in the way of the darn plots. Show some imagination in your writing!!! 

8) A popular series you have no intention of reading 
50 shades of grey. Erotica in general doesn't interest me and I won't be reading it.

9) What movie/TV show do you prefer more than the books? 
I really like the Walking Dead comics but the TV series is just so amazing! I'm a bit behind in it so no spoilers please! Book wise, I liked Stephen King's The Running Man but I loved the Arnold Schwarzenegger blockbuster more! 

OK there we go! Now it's tag time and I tag YOU! Yes if you like the questions and want to take part, consider yourselves tagged! If you do join in, let me know here so I can come and see your answers!


  1. lol. I'm with you on reading the 50 Shades of Grey. Not interested here. :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yeah erotica just doesn't interest me for reading!