Thursday, 17 September 2015

TBR Countdown Challenge


My tbr managed to sneak up over 600 books again and action was taken!!! So I set myself a target to get that tbr from 612 as it stood down to 500 books by December 31st. I reached that goal last month. I wondered what target to set next and decided just to keep tackling the tbt to try and reduce it as much as possible by the end of the year. My updates on my progress won't be weekly, just whenever I have something to report! Anyone who wants to try and reduce their tbr is welcome to post on my update posts about their progress!

FYI: A few people have asked why the number of books I've reduced the pile by in the post title does not match the number of books I mention in the actual blog post. Simple really, I'm still adding new books to the tbr each week, and a few are rereads.

There is no number on my title as you'll notice. I had a two week reading slump and a holiday book splurge which took me up over 500 again, though I'm working on reducing that again! The countdown will resume when I hit 500! Meanwhile I can tell you about the books I've looked at recently!  


James Cracknell/Ben Fogle-Race to the Pole 

Robert Kirkman-The Walking Dead book 2 (13-24) 

Reinhold Messner-My Quest for the Yeti 

Carrie Ryan-Hare Moon (Forest of Hands and Teeth #0.7) 

Michael Robertson-Teeth 

Michael Robertson-Crash 

JT Sawyer-Hell Week 

Ann Christy-The In Betweener 


Jennifer Chiaverini-Round Robin 

Ian Woodhead-The Unwashed Dead 

Jenn Stark-One Wilde Night 

How are you getting on with your tbrs?


  1. Aww Chuckles! he he! I know how hard it is to go into a bookstore and not buy a book, I'm sure we can all relate ;) You never know, you may have picked up one of THOSE books... you know, the mind-blowing ones that become fast favourites :D
    On another note, Amazon have had another sale today... so I think I'm going to have to start that Stacking the Shelves meme! Eep!
    Have a great week!
    Amy x

  2. Oh good, I do love an Amazon sale! I'll have to slide over and take a look!

  3. I have bought more books in the last week than what I have read and that is me trying to get my TBR pile down. I am just going with denial! Good luck getting your pile down!

    1. Denial sounds pretty good to be! I went to Amazon yesterday and went mad on the 3 books for £10 offer. That should fill the next two STS! *gulp* I blame Amy, it's her fault! *grins*

  4. You are really getting through that stack. Congrats to you!

    1. I'd be doing really well if I'd stop buying in Amazon sales!