Sunday, 5 February 2017

TV Catch Up: The Hopeless Task...

You always hear me complaining that I have so much TV to catch up with right? And you probably think I'm exaggerating in how hopeless a task it welcome to my lack of TV catch up where I show you what I need to do to get up to date on all these series I want to watch. This is not even the full list, just what I can remember! Read it and weep for me...!

Scandal-completed season one
Elementary-started season one
Hannibal-started season one
24-completed seasons 1-6
Supernatural-watched 5 eps of season one
Walking Dead-completed seasons 1-3
Doctor Who
Torchwood-completed season one
Haven-watched 2 eps of season one.
Legend of the Seeker-watched pilot
Prison Break-completed seasons 1-2

The 100
Lost Girl
Z Nation
Fear the Walking Dead
Sleepy Hollow
How to get away with murder
Stranger Things
Marvel Agents of SHIELD
The Crown
The White Princess
Downton Abbey
Strike Back
Harper's Island
24 Legacy 
Warehouse 13
House of Cards
Madam Secretary
The Flash
The Blacklist
The Following 
The Vampire Diaries
Once upon a time 
The Newsroom
Designated Survivor
Van Helsing
Last Ship
Last Resort
The Librarians
Legends of Tomorrow
The Strain
Teen Wolf


  1. Ok, I'm weeping ;) Lol.
    Shame, that is quite the list!! I have basically the same problem - and often I'll start a series, but then it goes on for too long and I never get round to all the seasons.
    Hope you enjoy TVD and Arrow and Downton and OUAT when you finally get round to them! I love them :)

    Amy @ A Magical World Of Words

    1. It doesn't include the much older series I've got like Sliders, Jericho, Carnivale etc and there is a lot of them! There are other newer things that I just forgot to put on the list so it's a bit scary!

  2. Thanks for sharing, I was actually wondering about this as you often mention you're watching tv. Those sure are a lot of series you're following and even more on your planned list. From these I only watched The Librarians, we watched season 1 and 2 and hope to watch season 3 soon. It's a lot of fun.

    1. I don't get the chance to watch TV at all with all the reading I need to get done. Last year I got the 6 seasons of Game of Thrones watched, the new Masterchef series, and all of the Great British Bake Off seasons and that was all! This year so far, one season of The Walking Dead and nothing else, not even a film. It's a bit poor but with so many books needing read I don't get time to do both! Gah!

  3. That's quite a list! I have trouble balancing my shows and my reading time. You can add Mr. Robot to your list :). I gave up on Vampire Diaries a season or two back but it was great up until then. I also want to watch The Crown, my friends rave about it. Bitten also started to bore me on its second season so I DNF'd it. Supernatural is always fantastic.

    1. Mr Robot isn't really one that interests me, sorry! I probably need to trim some of these off the list by getting season one of each watched and decide what I want to stick with and what I don't enjoy enough. But every night I watch I don't read! There is the dilemma!

  4. Wonderful list. I recommend watching Stranger Things and The Strain right away. Fear the Walking Dead is really one I wish I hadn't started. I really don't care for it but will keep watching it. It's been a horrible weekend. I'll explain more later but can't bring myself to talk about it now. Know he furry dudes are ok. However I could use some mindless TV watching.

    1. Political and paranormal are generally my top choices and for some reason I like sci-fy series, even though I don't read the genre.

      Oh Barb I'm sorry...whatever it is, know that you are all in my thoughts right now and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you guys are ok. *hugs*

  5. I started Nikita too but got bored. The 100 obviously I'm a big fan of, and Continuum is one of my favorite shows. Legends of Tomorrow lost me- just seemed to goofy. And I've tired of Arrow too.

    Another one I recommend is 12 Monkeys- the TV show, not the movie. there's two seasons (or 3?) but I REALLY like it. smart time travel, good writing.

    You have lots of good stuff on deck. :)

    1. I watched part of season one of Nikita and liked it but just never found time to get back to it. I was never interested in watching the 12 Monkeys film so haven't really considered the TV series. Not sure about that one. I want to watch these things but just can't seem to give up my reading time! I'm hoping I don't like half of this stuff or at least, don't enjoy it enough to need to continue with it! I do need to get some season ones watched!

    2. I just realized Continuum and 12 Monkeys are both time travel, I guess I gravitate to those! And I've never seen the 12 Monkeys movie either- but I love the show! Great characters.

      I hear you, to watch or read? It can be a tough choice. :)

    3. I'm always feeling the want and need to read first and everything else later!

  6. iZombie, Sleepy Hollow, Downton Abbey, Once Upon a Time, and Teen Wolf are some of my favorites from your to watch list. :)

    1. I very much like the look of Sleepy Hollow. I go for paranormal, sci-fy and political as first choices generally. I have to find some motivation.

  7. That is a lot of TV to watch! I have only watched Lost, Walking Dead, and a few episode of Stranger Things from your list. I focus almost all of my energy on books these day. Have fun with these!

    1. That's my problem exactly-I just want to read all the time! I want to watch reruns of Buffy! I just can't seem to sit still long enough to watch a few episodes of something. Game of Thrones was the exception.

  8. HA! love your list! makes me feel MUCH better about my own addiction :D
    I tried the Strain, nope. Vikings loved S1, they lost me in S2 but my hubby is crazy about it and I have too say I want to give it another try because it looks good!!! Exactly the same with Walking Dead. Now... Fear the Walking dead? Totally into it until it ended.

    1. Yep, lots to watch. I'm not sure what series you are referring to..?

    2. The TV Catch Up List is only for things I've started watching but not completed, or for things I haven't looked at yet. I don't feature series I've already finished.

  9. WOW...what a list! Thank you for making me feel better about my own list!! We are in the middle of so many seres...and some I just want to give up The 100, OUAT and Sleepy Hollow...started out strong but

    Stranger Things, Last Ship and the Blacklist (well except for this season so far) are among my favorites. The Librarians and Warehouse 13 are both a lot of fun and great for decompressing. And I so need to get back to the last few seasons of Downton Abbey!

    1. This list is depressing! I try to watch something on Sundays but I don't always feel like it and end up reading again! This Sunday I really need to watch something, anything! Maybe I should start with those that have fewer episodes in the first series as it'll look like I'm making quicker progress!

  10. Wow. That's a lot of shows. I guess if I listed mine out, I'd have a list like this too. I've picked up on a few series that I need to go back and watch previous seasons, Scandal is one of them. And now I wonder if I should list out the shows so I know what I want to get to and it's all in one place.

    1. It's scary isn't it? When you actually make the list up it looks worse than you imagined! I'm trying to use Sundays to get something watched but it's not really enough and I find it hard to get motivated!