Friday, 10 February 2017

Book Review: K Rex by LZ Hunter

Deep within the Congo jungle, Circuitz Mining employs mercenaries as security for its Coltan mining site. Armed with assault rifles and decades of experience, nothing should go wrong. However, the dangers within the jungle stretch beyond venomous snakes and poisonous spiders. There is more to fear than guerrillas and vicious animals. Undetected, something lurks under the expansive treetop canopy . . .
Something ancient.
Something dangerous.
Kasai Rex!
K-Rex is a prehistoric thriller filled with action, adventure, and savage dinosaurs. 

My Review: 
Louis and Claire work for a company that mines in the Congo and it has hit a production issue which needs solving, so they agree to a promotion and pay rise to spend a few months in the Congo to get things back on track. What they don't know is that they are being protected by a mercenary team not because of hostile locals, but because raptors are eating the workers. With the arrival of a storm and a raptor attack, the team are stranded at the camp and have to work together to stay alive.

The major issue with this book is that it takes so long to actually get to the point of the story, after the opening attack is finished. I want things to be happening before we get to 45% of the way through the book! We get the contract negotiations for Louis and Claire, who feel they have been conned into going to Africa when they didn't want to go there. Well if you had read the contract before you signed it like normal people do, you would have known where the job was and what was in store for you! Idiots! So both of them are whining and feeling hard done by as they face jungle treks and a camp in a mud pile in the jungle. What were you expecting, a mining operation in the gardens of the Hilton??? Jeez I hate dumb western characters who behave like primadonnas when they go to remote areas! And of course Louis spends the whole time trying to be Mr I'm in Charge when he has little clue about anything and spends his time questioning the orders of the mercenary leader.

I felt that the tensions in the group and their egos and fights ended up being more of a focus than was needed. Louis doesn't like the mercenaries and tries to challenge their authority on everything for no obvious reason than him wanting to be Alpha Dog or something. You kind of have to trust the people tasked with looking after you especially when they have been in that environment a lot longer than you. After the first attack, the mercenaries think that staying in the shelter of the cabin and calling for help is the way to go but Louis wants everyone to go on a jungle trek to deliver the local workers home and then the rest of the team walk back to safety. This seemed an interesting choice as Louis was moaning about the trek in and the weather was foul!

Overall I felt that the continual dull fights between the Mcs and whining characters detracted from the decent points of the book which of course was the dinosaurs. They are sneaking around the jungle stalking their prey and then unleashing attacks on the group. It was quite interesting to focus on the local legends telling of the Kasai Rex and that the villagers sought to appease the dinosaurs to keep their villages safe from attack. I think I would say I liked bits of it but not enough to give it a three star rating. I felt it didn't quite deliver what it promised for me as it had the potential to be something much better, with better characters.

When you don't care about any of them living or dying, it isn't easy to enjoy the story as much as you could have done.
Read November 2016.
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  1. So, the Kasai Rex on the cover looks quite similar to a raptor to me. But that's okay. That grabbed my attention for sure. Sorry you didn't enjoy it that much. And like you said over on my blog, I can tell you're behind on reviews since you read this in November. Now I'm debating on whether I should say when I read a book in my reviews.

    1. Maybe it's more accurate to say that I'm not really behind in reviews-I have the notes written, I have time to write the reviews but the real problem is I have so many posts on other stuff, that I can't get the reviews up quick enough! I don't know if blog visitors find it useful to see when I read the book or not. I guess it tells them if I just read it and they can wish me a better next read or if I read it a while back.

      The Kasai Rex and raptors thing is explained in the book review.

  2. Huh too bad this was a little disappoiting. 45% is WAY too late to be getting going lol. And all the contract stuff and prep- when are they going to learn we want to get to the dinosaurs?? Ha ha I like the idea of the villagers appeasing the dinos though- kinda cool since in real life there have been expeditions into the Congo basin to find "lost" dinosaurs and so forth.

    1. Yes, just get to the death and the gore! I bet there are some strange creatures living in those unexplored forests and things. This is why I enjoy grabbing these can kind of believe it could happen...