Monday, 13 February 2017

Book Review: Shifting Shadows anthology by Patricia Briggs

A collection of short stories based in the world of Mercy Thompson - the major urban fantasy series from the International No. 1 bestselling author. Mercy Thompson's world just got a whole lot bigger . A collection of all-new and previously published short stories. 

My Review:
A few notes for newbies to the wolfie world...The Montana Pack is run by Bran who is in charge of all the Packs, and is the central focus in the Alpha & Omega series. Adam and Mercy's Pack form the basis of the Mercy Thompson series and we see Warren and Ben feature heavily in it. This is a brief review of each story in the anthology and my thoughts on it:

1) Silver
Samuel is coping with the death of his wife and children and is turned into a werewolf by his grandmother who is a witch, along with his father Bran and other relatives. The Fae Lord in the area is forcing gifted daughter Ariana into making a deadly artifact against her will and this is the story of how Samuel meets Ariana, and Bran's descent into madness. Grim and sad, it fills in the origin story of some of the characters and how the Cornack's became werewolves. (3*)

2) Fairy Gifts
Thomas Hao was sold into vampirism by his father and forced to work for his father in an opium den and mine. He finds and helps a fae girl escape the mine and now years on, their paths may cross again. OK first, who the heck is this guy? Who is she? Who are any of these people and why are we getting a story about them? I don't remember this guy at all. Story was ok with decent twist but I just didn't really want to read about these people. (2*)

3) Gray
Elyna returns to Chicago where she was once turned and killed her husband and decides to buy the flat, not caring that the local Master does not like uninvited guests. The story was ok but again, I have no idea who this woman is or why she is relevant. (2*)

Seeing Eye
Tom's sighted cop brother Jon goes missing and he asks Moira, a blind witch to help him find his brother. Tom and Moira are in the Emerald City Pack and appear in the Alpha & Omega series as a couple and this is the story of how they met. I liked this and I at least knew who the characters were which was something. (3*)

Alpha & Omega
This is the story of how Anna met Charles and is the must read prequel to the Alpha & Omega series. I've already read and reviewed this book. (4*)

The Star of David
David gets a call from his estranged daughter Stella, who he hasn't seen since he turned and killed her mother. Now she is concerned that a kid in her care might be involved in a werewolf case and needs his help. I liked David, old friend of Adam and fellow wolf getting his own story as he tries to put his family back together and save a child. (4*)

Roses in Winter
Kara has been in Bran's pack since Adam and Mercy found her, but time is running out for her to prove that she has the control to be a werewolf. If she cannot, she will be put to death. Pack wolf Asil is determined to help Kara especially when other wolves try to ensure her death. I love Asil as a character and it was good to get another story about the Montana Pack. (4*)

In Red With Pearls
Back in Adam's Pack, Warren and Kyle find themselves targeted by a killer who wants to destroy Kyle's life. Is this connected to his work as a lawyer or to Warren being a werewolf? This was a great story about finding out who your mystery enemy is and outsmarting them. I love Warren and Kyle and it was great to see them get a good story. Well written, nice twists. (5*)

Ben finds himself keeping a close eye on his irritating secretary who is being sexually harrassed by a supervisor and is going to be in danger. I enjoyed seeing how much Ben hates being with other people instead of his Pack and he has little time for any of them-until Mel is in danger. I liked the story and it was quite funny in places too. It gives a whole new insight into Ben, one of my favourites from Adam's Pack. (4*)

Rick is a recluse, haunted by the ghost of the wife he was accused of killing and his only friend Lisa asks Mercy if she can help with the ghost problem. Interesting solo outing for Mercy who manages to get herself into trouble. Interesting story with twists. (3.5*)

Read December 2016.
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  1. Your review tells me a lot about this world! For some idiotic reason I can't understand the fact that Mercy was a coyote threw me off. WHAT AM I??? A werewolf lover that discriminate against other shifters?? SMH!!! Well I don't know why but I haven't been able to get through book one. But I like that there is vampires, fairies, artifacts.. sexual harassment?! There is so much going on here! I should be able to like it! Glad you enjoy it :)

    1. I don't know that there would be much point reading this anthology if you quit book one! It gives back story to characters that appear in both werewolf series she wrote so it's not much use on its own really.

  2. I have this out from the library now. I'm hoping in early March to get caught up on the last two in the series as well as this one before I read the newest one. It's a goal of mine which I hope to achieve. Sounds like a good mixture of tales here.

    1. I'll have to wait for the release of book ten in paperback before I read it so you'll be ahead of me! I'll be reading book nine later this week I hope!

  3. Ooh short stories to enhance the world? Fun. Some of these sound pretty good and I have to admit the Montana pack is pretty interesting.

    1. I think the anthology works best for those who already know the characters rather than using this as an intro. I love my Packs in books!

  4. I enjoyed this anthology. It looks like you did as well at least most of the stories. Like you, I enjoyed some of the stories more than others but all in all it was a good read.

    1. I liked getting a story for Warren and Kyle. Would have liked a story about Honey, or one of the others in Adam's Pack, or maybe even his split from Christy, rather than those vampire ones...

  5. I don't usually go for anthologies like this, but I really enjoyed this one. My favorite story was Roses in Winter, that one practically brought tears to my eyes.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. It was a very emotional story wasn't it! I love Asil and his mental health issues. Love this Pack!