Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. This feature was created because we are particularly fond of lists here at The Broke and the Bookish. We'd love to share our lists with other bookish folks and would LOVE to see your top ten lists!  

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Well you guessed it, there is no way Chuckles the Romance Hater is doing a romance trope topic so I've had to think this over. OK Top Ten Plots I love in Fiction! Yea, spread some love and disaster and horror today! These are the plots you will see lots of in books at The Book Cave this year and your tbr list may tremble!

1) EMP-electromagnetic pulse
This is where terrorists or a solar flare trigger an EMP which basically fries anything with a computer chip-no cars, TV, phones, internet, aircraft fall from the sky, power plants shut down, food and petrol deliveries cease and social disorder breaks out as people have to live without everything they took for granted. These books are exciting because we get bad people with guns out robbing, desperate people doing bad things, people who are self sufficient adapting and surviving and friends turning on each other for food and medicine. Love these books!

2) Zombie Outbreak  
I love nothing more than being with the MCs as they witness the start of the zombie outbreak-watching scary news reports, gathering supplies to survive, zombie-proofing the house or escaping to a safe location, tense zombie attacks, scary road trips, dodging criminals trying to take advantage of the situation, trying to rescue loved ones across town as all hell breaks loose...oh yes I love watching the whole thing start and develop!

3) Preparing for Disaster
I like plots where the person is watching the news and feels that some kind of economic disaster or natural disaster is coming and starts getting ready for it, either by supplying their own home or getting ready to move to their safe house. I love the supply gathering, the building tension as time ticks away, the worry over what to tell family and friends, getting a new life planned...and then the impact as the disaster hits. These books are always tense and I love the genre.

4) Dinosaur Game Shows 
I've only seen a couple of books to fit this so far but I want more! Volunteers or criminals have to go across a game zone to win money or freedom, as individuals or teams, and are chased and eaten by scary ass dinosaurs! Awesome! I need to be watching that live on Saturday night TV! I love the gore, the tension and most of all, the dinosaurs!

5) Mutant Monsters 
Such a variety of fun in this one! Undiscovered creatures lurking in unexplored jungles and underground caverns, experiments on deserted islands, mutated things attacking cities, aliens crash landing to attack Earth, lost worlds, chemical spills creating big sea monsters, giant spiders impregnating the population...so much variety of scares on offer!

6) Uber Team!
What I mean here is a group of people with specific skills in a kickass urban fantasy team taking on the bad guys like the Scooby Gang in Buffy. The MC kicks ass supported by the faithful team of hackers, magic users, tough fighters and other skilled people. These books usually have good characters and humour as well as action. 

7) Animal Sidekick
If there is no group to help you in urban fantasy, you need the faithful animal sidekick to depend on and I love the ones our MC can communicate with, leading to amusing dialogue. sausage addicted dogs, cool wolves, popcorn loving gargoyles, shopping addicted demons, the list is endless! 

8) Preppers
I love books about preppers and there are so many different kinds! The former military man who is sure the country will collapse and stockpiles for armageddon, the self sufficient farmer who has a rural homestead under its own power and produces his own food, the urban community who all work together to protect their street from attack by the unprepared, the preppers trying to survive a zombie apocalypse-these books are fast paced, tense, exciting and can be pretty educational in advising you how to provide for yourself.

The End Of The World As We Know It. Shit Hits The Fan. This covers any kind of disaster in dystopia and apocalypse fiction like volcanic eruptions, plague, Ebola, asteroids, nuclear war, zombies, EMP, economic collapse, anything natural or man made which leaves the world facing a total crisis where life can never be the same again. These are dramatic and often traumatic books and can scare the pants off you!

10) Frightfest! 
Y'know when you get that really tense thriller that has you hooked and reading at 2am, that rip snorting horrorfest that has your brain in overload, that nerve jangling book with the shocking twist, the fear as your favourite characters sneak into the monster house to destroy IT, the sinister carnival that has your nerves on edge...I love these kinds of plot where you have fear and adrenaline in your bloodstream as you read!


  1. Great list! I was wondering what you were going to do for the topic today since I know you aren't really into romances. lol! I had no idea Dinosaur game shows was even a thing! I'm going to have to look into that. Hope you have a great week!

    1. I've only found a couple so far-Rick Jones 'The Valley' and Catt Dahman 'Dinosaur 65 million' which I reviewed this week. I want to read more like this!

  2. Of course you know how I feel about animal sidekicks but you know I love mutant monsters as well. I knew you would do something wonderful with this week's topic and you didn't disappoint!

    1. The good thing is that my tbr is brimming with books featuring most of the things in my TTT list! Looks like it will be a really great reading year!

  3. Dinosaur game shows! Wow, I kinda want to read something like that...

    1. I love the concept but so far only found two books that really do this-Rick Jones 'The Valley' and Catt Dahman 'Dinosaur 65 million' which I reviewed earlier this week. More books like this!

  4. Ha I love this list. Screw romance- bring on the disasters lol. I think I've only read one EMP book but it was fun to think about. I need more dinosaur game shows. Mutants! I love anything mutants. Creepies lurking in the subways lol, experiments on islands, all that... yes please!

    I love all the virus stuff too.

    1. Who needs soppy love stuff when you can have MONSTERS! There are going to be lots of books in most of these categories all year at The Book Cave so prepare your tbr!

  5. I love a good sidekick! I really need to work some more zombie books into my reading schedule.

    1. I like sidekicks and teams in these books to just add that bit of fun and interest to the books. I love the snark and the combined talents and powers and stuff!

  6. This is interesting. I hadn't thought of some of these groups before but they sound pretty awesome both for books and TV/Movie area lol.

    1. Pretty much all of my reading comes into these ten categories! I'm hoping for lots of good reading this year.