Thursday, 23 February 2017

Book Review: Polar Yeti by Matthew Dennion

A team from Princeton University searching for a lost tribe in Antartica discover a hidden valley filled with wooly mammoths, saber toothed tigers and other Ice Age beasts. Seizing the opportunity of a lifetime, the team set up camp to study the amazing creatures. But there is something else that lives in the Valley.

Something terrifying. Something beyond imagination.

My Review:
An ancient tribe in Antarctica offer a young woman to the Yeti at regular intervals-some return, some do not. Jun-Tuk's daughter arrives home dying from an animal attack and he tries to save her at a mainland hospital. Here he meets an anthropologist who is looking to study his tribe and he agrees to guide them if they help him prove to his people that the Yeti is an animal and not a God so it can be destroyed. Of course, the team don't believe in the Yeti until they see it and the other creatures lurking in the valley and the caves...

The team arrive and start exploring the valley, getting a shock when they see a pack of woolly mammoths, which leaves them wondering what else might be out there. They soon start believing in the Yeti when it suddenly attacks their camp. To save the rest of the team from harm, Gina offers herself to the Yeti and it seems happy to take her and head for the mountains, while the team start planning to follow and rescue her. This is where the story splits off into two with Henry's team in pursuit being attacked by a variety of creatures while the Yeti does his King Kong thing in protecting and feeding Gina on their journey.

As I said the Yeti is a bit of a King Kong figure in the book. He will feed and defend his women, provide heat and security and look after them as his family. He doesn't harm or mate with them, he takes them for company. I liked discovering the reason behind why some girls are kept and some are returned. He keeps the already pregnant girls as wives so they and their babies can be part of his new expanding family. He only keeps the other girls until the wives no longer need help and then returns the handmaidens to their people. I kind of felt sorry for this lonely Yeti who just wanted to be part of a family after being ejected from his own tribe as a defeated leader. Poor guy!

Gina has no intention of staying there to be in a Yeti family though and has a tracking device that she can activate at the appropriate moment. She is trying to come up with a plan to get away from the Yeti long enough to be rescued. Henry's team are becoming scared that there might not be enough of them left to take on the Yeti and get Gina back as they fall prey to countless monsters on their journey. There are plenty of people in the team who are there as monster bait.

Monster wise we see plenty of them. Mammoths, saber toothed cats, woolly rhinos, carniverous birds, mutant spiders, dire wolves, and mutant creepy insects...ugh! And we do get plenty of attacks on the hapless team as they try to follow the Yeti and rescue Gina. A nice high body count and a nice bit of gore in the attacks which is always fun! We also get a lot of action as the Yeti battles a few of the creatures himself as he tries to get Gina safely to his home. There is no shortage of action in the book.

Overall it was a decent monster book with plenty going on to keep you interested and nice monsters to keep popping up to attack everyone. It's not the greatest piece of fiction in the world but the story is well enough written in a sort of B movie kind of way so you pretty much get what you expect with this one. If you like this kind of monster book or film, you'll probably enjoy a few hours with this one.
Read December 2016.
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  1. This does sound like a B movie in a way but I'd like to see it. I feel sorry for the Yeti just reading your review. I also want to see a wooly rhino! The cover is also pretty cool.

    1. Yeah I'm curious about the woolly rhino as well...sort of imagining it with a 1970's fur coat on! I think it might make a decent film. I've certainly read a lot worse!

  2. Okay I'm not crazy about that cover but I love ANTHING yeti- related. I think it's hilarious that he keeps them for company! Aww poor guy... and I LOVE the idea of a hidden valley in the Antarctic that has a lost world. One of my favorite tropes.

    1. I've got a few more Yeti things to read and review at some point...I felt sorry for him in this book! I do like The Lost World thing as well.