Thursday, 2 February 2017

Book Review: Wicked Power by DelSheree Gladden (Someone Wicked This Way Comes #2)

“Power is what he craves. He collects it so he can turn it into wicked glory, the glory of ruling everything and everyone.”

Vanessa and Zander Roth sit balanced on the edge of impending death and unthinkable power. The Eroi hunting them hide in the distance waiting for their chance to strike, but the Godlings who have taken over the Roths’ lives keep them at bay for now. Their protection is the one benefit to having them around.

Even though the Godling training that the arrogant and insufferable David provides Van and Zander is indeed improving their control, his methods are cruel and harsh. Van is barely able to restrain her anger when it comes to David. Zander, however, embraces the training because it is his only hope of redeeming himself after falling into Ivy’s trap and putting his family’s lives in danger.

In search of a distraction from everything Godling, Van focuses on the nagging feeling that something terrible is on the horizon. The intuition strengthens into frightening visions and leaves Van fearing the future. She is desperate to protect her brother, but with her sixteenth birthday looming and the eruption of the full strength of her hunger on its way, she has her own problems to deal with. Redemption and protection both take a back seat when a shocking discovery puts everything they have worked for in jeopardy. The choice between safety and freedom has never been more important, and in the end…they may not have a choice at all. 

My Review: 
David is forced to stay with the Roth family to train Zander and Vanessa when they are unwilling to leave with him and the strict rules the siblings have lived by are relaxed somewhat. But things are not going well with Zander becoming obsessed with finding Ivy, David's brutal treatment wearing them both down and Vanessa becoming ever more suspicious of the secrets that Noah is keeping. David wants them to join him at the retreat for two weeks to expand their training but what exactly is this training leading them towards?

I must say a big sorry to the author! I was given a free copy of the first book to review in 2013 and despite enjoying it, for some reason it has taken me three years to get round to reading the rest of the series. Erk! It was however, well worth the wait!

Vanessa is finding it difficult to control her temper with David pushing her so hard all the time but she does find she is learning about control, which she needs as her full hunger will be hitting when she turns sixteen. She is surprised that David is happy to let her be around Ketchup as he seems to help keep her calmer, and he allows her to continue her martial arts with Noah. Tension is high between Ketchup and Noah when Noah starts trying to make a move on the unwilling Vanessa, and Noah's actions lead to an incident that proves he is keeping secrets, and Vanessa no longer trusts him. The retreat helps her discover that her hunger actually has uses such as being able to detect actual illnesses in people. Could she actually use it to heal people? And why is she now getting visions of the future?

Zander is obsessed with whether or not Ivy ever had feelings for him or if she was just baiting her trap, and he is determined to find out. He is receiving cryptic messages from her phone which he tells nobody about. He tries hard to learn from what David is teaching him so that he can control himself around Ketchup and give Vanessa a chance at having the boyfriend she wants-penance for his earlier mistakes with Ivy. Realising that their grandmother is dying, it dawns on him that with David posing as their uncle, he would take legal control over Vanessa upon her death. In a panic, Zander is about to risk everything by asking the Eroi enemies for help. Will they protect the very people that they sent Ivy to destroy? Zander, what are you DOING???!!!

I liked the addition of Chris, the retreat supervisor who is trying to help Vanessa using kindness rather than David's methods but you do know that as a leader at the retreat, he knows all the secrets that David is keeping and what the future holds for the Roths. I also like Annabelle, who becomes friends with Zander and agrees to help him do research on the Eroi-on the condition that he is not doing because he still loves Ivy. Ketchup gets a big role in this book but it seems like every time we think there is a chance for him and Vanessa, a new obstacle seems to be thrown in their path, which is heartbreaking! I was also pleased to see Oscar featuring more in this book, with his siblings visiting him in the hospital and looking for his advice and imput.

We are getting more background on the ongoing struggle between the Eroi and the Godlings. In some ways you can understand why the Eroi want someone like David to be destroyed because you can see that he is really evil and he is killing Eroi in the same way that they are coming after Godlings. It makes me wonder if anyone can be trusted as both sides seem equally bad. Are the leaders all corrupt and misleading all the followers? I was musing over these questions a lot as we went through the book. I also have to question the actions of the Roth family in the way that they raised the children and the mess they created. I suspect more of that will be looked at with Oscar being more involved in the story now.

The plot continues to intrigue as it twists and turns. Will gaining control through David's teachings turn them into someone like him? What does David have planned for the Roths? Will the Eroi be an enemy or an ally? What are the new powers that our MCs are uncovering? What is Noah's secret? (I've always had my suspicions on that) What happened the night Oscar killed his parents? Will Ketchup and Vanessa get their HEA? These are the numerous questions that are going to keep me reading this addictive series!  

Read December 2016.
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  1. Th premise of this series is interesting! Though I would have to read the first book to fully understand your review :) WOW You are almost as bad as me Chuckles! THREE YEARS to read the series LOL! Glad you are liking it

    1. I've reviewed the whole series this week so check out the review for book one to get the basis of the book. I started the series and liked it but then I went off reading YA totally and went back to this in December. I'm glad I did!

  2. I am really enjoying your reviews on this series and hope to pick it up sometime but I can't help but chuckle when I hear the name Ketchup. There has to be some story behind it right?

    1. With it being so long since I read the first book I can't remember if we are told why they call him Ketchup! That's what happens when you leave it so long to complete a series!