Friday, 3 February 2017

Book Review: Wicked Revenge by DelSheree Gladden (Someone Wicked This Way Comes #4)

Secrets are unraveling, but they only bring up more questions and not enough answers. While the Roth siblings attempt to recover from the devastating confrontation with the Godlings, each one must overcome their own demons to survive.

In the midst of trying to hold their personal lives together, the captured Richiamos must be rescued from Isolde’s grasp, the Godlings must find a way to battle the traitors intent on tearing them apart, and the truth of the Godlings’ true purpose must be uncovered.

There seems to be no end to the battles they are facing, but if they can just hold onto each other and their sanity long enough to survive, they might just save everyone.

My Review:
One fight is over but the war is about to start and the Godlings are holed up in a new compound that they need to secure. It is vital more than ever that the Roths untap the full range of their powers but why can't Zander get his ability working when it is vital to their survival and his promise to Ivy? It is time to risk contacting the rogue Godlings to see if they will lend their support as both David's people and Isolde's forces are preparing to attack the compound. Vanessa is trying to understand her new powers and teach it to her fellow Godlings which calls into doubt if she is really The Gift while Ketchup's own explosive secret is going to shock Vanessa.

Prepare yourself for an emotional book that will have you on the edge of losing it in several places. Assassins are tracking Vanessa every time she leaves the building but she is determined to be there at the end with her grandmother, despite the secrets kept from the siblings which did them such harm. But an emotionally irrational decision that she takes to try and save her grandmother is going to put someone close to her in mortal danger. I'm not going to tell you what happened or to who but it was a shocking plot turn that reduced me to tears and nearly tore me apart.

All of our main characters are facing personal demons and the stress of their situation. Oscar is finding it hard to cope with being some kind of leader when all he wants is to look after his family. If the Prophecy is correct, all those unworthy will be dealt with by The Gift which Oscar believes will be the end of him and the thought of leaving his girlfriend and child devastates him. Being responsible for all the Godling kids is not what he wants but he doesn't quite trust Chris enough to let him do it. Chris reveals his story in an effort to win their trust and prove that he was trying to look after Vanessa.

I liked the introduction of the rogue Godlings, those who wanted to give their children a normal life and teach them how to control their gifts, while staying away from those like David who want to go to war. Caleb is related to the Roths and had been secretly trying to protect Emily and Joshua in case David found out about them. They agree to start training the Godlings and help the Roths to tap into their full potential. Vanessa wants to explore her healing abilities but she is going to discover that her impact on people can be truly life changing in another couple of plot twists that I never saw coming.

It's harder to write a review for this book as it is the last in the series. There was a lot happening and a lot of secrets coming out but I can't talk about most of it in case I spoil it for everyone! All I can say is that it continues to be character based, following the relationships and emotional issues of the characters, while delving into the paranormal world of the hunger and the war between the opposing factions. The big battle was brilliant and yes, it did reduce me to tears again! There is that paranormal storyline but in having characters you can relate to, there is a realism to the plot that just grabs you and drag you along. I love the continually developing story of the hunger, with the exploration of it being a gift instead of a curse if the Godlings are trained to use it that way. I loved finding out what the Prophecy was about and the back story of characters like Oscar and Ketchup.

This was a very enjoyable series that totally goes against the grain of the usual YA paranormal, proving that you can have a great story without the use of the cliche tropes and whiny teenagers!
Read December 2016.
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  1. Holy smokes, you read and review so fast I cannot keep up with you! This sounds like a good series but I have to be in mood certain mood for YA as I still love with young adults :)

    1. Only my two Netgalley reviews were actually read and reviewed this year. Retro Reads reviews are from over a year ago but all other book reviews are dated to show when I read them-mostly last year. Lots to catch up with before I get to this years reviews...

  2. This one is new to me. It sounds like a good series and I am glad to know that the last book is well done. Too many series end poorly.

    1. I hate a good series spoiled by poor endings so I was really happy with how this one wrapped up.