Monday, 2 May 2016

Ten More Books With Canine Sidekicks!

Ok, how many of you read books and spend the whole time worrying about whether or not the dog will survive? *puts hand up* Yes we love to read about canine sidekicks in books as they are loyal, dedicated and can detect trouble for our heroes. So here are ten more books in assorted genres that feature our furry friends!

Vampires, Mages & humans work together to keep dangerous magical objects away from innocent hands . The objects in Cassidy's shop start becoming dangerous at the same time that something evil is targeting the homeless so there are now two cases for the team to solve. This book features Cassidy as a main character with dog Baxter but it is the appearances of the spirit of her dead Labrador Bo that I most enjoyed. Bo is determined to work from beyond the grave to protect Cassidy. The book itself is a paranormal mystery with urban fantasy and magical elements, and good characters, if a bit slow at times. 

Ann is 16 and thinks that she is the sole survivor of a nuclear war after her family vanish when looking for help-until John Loomis appears, and Ann gradually nurses the sick man back to health. But then he starts to change into someone dangerous, ordering her about and coming into her room while she is sleeping, and Ann's life is now in danger. Does she go against her morals and kill him, or risk leaving her safe home to get away from him? The dog in the book is Faro, a mongrel setter and the dog faces the same amount of danger that Ann does. The book was published in the 1970's and is a grim, apocalypse dystopian book. 

The women in the town have somehow been impregnated by killer mutant spider creatures, and give birth to horrific spawn, and the men, along with a few unaffected women, flee towards the safety of a secure army base in the hope of shelter and news from the outside world. The spider things lurk outside the camp but it is their fellow survivors who prove to be much more dangerous to each other. The dog in this book is Chester the deaf sheepdog, who is adorable and immune to the spider virus. This book is a horror novel and very creepy and disturbing to those like me who have spider phobias but it is a good read! 

Lexi has been wrongly branded as a sinner and dumped into a violent and dangerous prison called the hole. Her alleged crime of Lust makes her a target for murderers and rapists so she is assigned a guard called Cole, who along with his Great Dane Zeus, try to keep her safe. Despite it being against the rules, feelings develop between them and both become involved in plans to escape and rebel against the corrupt Government who set her up. This is a brutal, grim dystopian novel which was different from anything I'd read before and I actually liked the romance in the book, which I usually hate! I plan to continue with the series. 

Mark is a boy who is tired of continually having cancer and decides that he no longer wants treatment when it returns again. Instead he plans to do something with the time he has left, by going on an adventure to Mount Rainier with his faithful dog Beau, leaving his family in a panic over where he has gone. Mark has to deal with his poor health and a mixture of good and bad people on the road, and by the time he approaches the mountain, a savage storm threatens both him and Beau. Mark has gone there to die his way but is that what he really wants? This is a contemporary novel for children and young adult readers. 

Sidney was home in bed when the New Year parties were in full flow so she knew nothing about the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse until the next day. Alone in a secured house, thanks to her prepper dad, Sidney has enough supplies for herself and her chihuahua Coco to weather the storm while she waits for news about her parents and sister. Her father is out in the town looking for his family and making contact with survivors, trying to get them all back to where he believes Sidney is safe. This is a zombie apocalypse book that focuses more on the survivors than any blood and gore, and is a short novella. 

Frank and Jane flee California in their RV as the riots and looting get closer, with cat Mr Wonderful, and Jack Russell Lucy. Their story of survival includes dangerous militia, Islamic terrorists, nuclear bombs, serial killers, RV camps under attack, army traitors and a community of retired Americans in RVs like themselves who decide it is time to take back their country from the bad elements. But who can they really trust? I loved the action packed nature of the series and as well as Lucy, we later find four dobermans-Simon, Peabody, Princess and Duchess. If you can ignore a few editing and grammar issues, you might like this prepper apocalypse thriller 

After the apocalypse, Jesse and his family survived in their town by doing what they had to do, including protecting the town from raiders and sick scavengers. In the grip of winter, raider activity gets to a level that Jesse fears he can't deal with and he decides to move the family to his old home of Haven. The journey is difficult and they find a genetics lab where smart dogs have been bred, like nothing Jesse has seen before-and the dogs decide to join the family on their journey. This is an apocalypse dystopia novel and I haven't finished the book yet but I think the dogs will play a major role in the upcoming plot. 

Apollo and Hermes, The Greek Gods, debate what would happen if dogs were given human intelligence and whether or not it meant the dogs would die happier or not. So they decide to grant it to a group of dogs in a vet clinic. The dogs duly escape and start trying to adapt to their new-found skills and abilities. The dogs in the book include a beagle, my favourite dog breed, poodle, mutt and a lot more. I haven't actually read the book and got it in a recent book trade and it sounded intriguing though I fear that a big box of paper hankies may be required! I added it to the list as I thought a few of you might be interested in it. 

This is the story of a former police dog, a German Shepherd called Bones, as he faces the zombie apocalypse. This is three stories featuring our hero Bones as mankind tries to survive in the aftermath of disaster. I was so intrigued when I stumbled across this book last week and I just had to grab it! These are parts 6-8 in the saga and I've been unable to find parts 1-5 yet which seem to follow Bones as a police dog as he encounters bad guys and the apocalypse gets closer. I'll be looking out for the entire saga if I can get it as I think it sounds really great! 


  1. Thanks so much for a wonderful addition to your first canine post. I am going on a mission this month to collect as many of these books that I can. I also got Fifteen Dogs last month. I had seen it for awhile and then when I saw this cover, I had to own it. I even had to order from Book Depository because the US cover was "blah" and I hardly ever do that. These look and sound great!

    1. I certainly had you in mind with these posts! I'm never one for recommending specific books to specific people in case I get it wrong but posts like this are good because people can pick and choose what sounds interesting to them. I hope you find a few to enjoy!

  2. Nice list! I always like animal side kicks. A lot of the cozies I read have a fun cat or dog as side character I always like seeing them. I haven't heard of any of the books on your list before!

    1. I like the covers of a lot of those cozy mysteries with dogs and nice houses...I've never really taken to the genre though! Maybe that is actually a good thing or there would be a ton more on the tbr!