Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Book Review: The End of the World by Amy Gregersen

A bomb has gone off, leaving Samantha Higgins and her friends trapped in an old shelter. The chaos filled government has assumed no survivors, no one is coming to rescue them. It's up to them to get out. They have only each other and Mike, the grumpy old veteran who pushed them into the shelter.

My Review:
This book had a very confused writing style which made it frustrating to read. In one line we were with Sam as the storyteller using 'I said' and two lines later, it was 'Sam said'. Then it was back to 'I said'. I can't tell you how annoying and irritating this was! If the author can't decide on what way to tell the story, then the reader is going to find it pretty strange to read. I just wasn't sure what she was trying to achieve.

As for characters, let me put it this way-if I was stuck in a nuclear bunker with Mia, I would either kill her or myself. I hated her! She is a spoiled bitch who is used to stamping her foot and getting her own way, and she obviously has no social skills. She moans that a nine year old traumatized kid isn't doing her share of guard duty, and complaining that the nuclear bomb is getting in the way of her going shopping. WTF is wrong with her? A nuclear bomb has went off and she doesn't seem to grasp that the world as she knows it is gone! When you add in her bitching and rude remarks, the fact that she yells all the time AND all her political rants, she drove me mental. I just could not continue reading with a character in it who was so bad. I hoped that she would go outside and get radiated but it didn't look like happening, so I gave up.

I found this book disappointing.
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    1. I get so annoyed when the author decides to put in a horrific character to spoil a half decent story idea. It drives me mad! Shouldn't you want readers to care about your characters???!!!