Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Gardening With Chuckles

Yes it's that time of year when we reluctantly cast our eyes towards the garden, when the hedge is growing, the grass is full of dandelions and the weeds are doing a conga up the garden path! I've never had green fingers and a mixture of ill health, bad weather and family issues means my dad and I have neglected the garden over the last five years and now we have a ton of work to do! You can follow our 'adventures' through the summer!

Today it was supposed to be raining but thankfully my dad and our neighbour ignored the forecast and started work on the back garden. Our grass is on a slight slope so that needs to be levelled so we can put down the patio paving. Today, they are working on getting it level. So far they have stripped off the grass, raked it into nice looking soil and are getting it level. We had thought we might need to raise the bottom half of the slope to get it level, which would be a massive job but our neighbour thinks we can rake off the higher bit to gradually get it to the lower level which would be easier.

Me, I have no clue and have been told to go inside and deal with getting the computer set up, while watching Jurassic World on dvd for the umpteenth time! This was the garden before we started:


Gah, what a mess! That was our grass...we managed to partially kill it during the winter but that is what we had until this morning. Now, as seen below, it is pure lovely brown soil. I can barely recognise the place! 

Naturally it rained last night so no more work can be done for a few days but we are making good progress now and this is the main task in the back garden, so things are good!


  1. Look good! We've had tons of rain this month.

    1. It has rained here every day since I posted this! I'm hoping next week is dry so we can get the next steps done. Progress is good though.