Friday, 6 May 2016

Book Review: Break Free the Night by EM Fitch

It's been two years since an epidemic ravaged the earth, leaving hordes of infected that still roamed the streets with an insatiable hunger for anything fresh and moving. Kaylee and what's left of her friends and family fight for survival in the crumbling remains of their city. Hundreds of infected beat at their doors and walls, including Kaylee's mother, who now haunts them with her presence on their old street. But when the group plans an escape north to an area free of the infected, the consequences of their devastating escape from the city will leave Kaylee forever changed.

My Review:
Kaylee and Emma are two sisters, living with a small group of survivors in a fire station, their dad, nurse Anna and Kaylee's best friend Andrew and his dad Bill. They are trying to evade the zombies that patrol the streets. Dissent is rising in the group about whether to stay there and continue to scavenge, or leave and seek other survivors out in the world.

Feminists should certainly avoid this book at all costs! Bill has decided that it is up to Kaylee and Andrew to start the repopulation of the world, and her dad and Anna are happy to go along with this insane plan, even when Kaylee isn't interested in Andrew as more than a friend. These people are idiots! Are you going to tie Kaylee up and have Andrew rape her then or will spineless Kaylee agree to 'do her duty'? And if they do have a baby, exactly who would this baby mate with??? If it is a boy, it could only mate with Emma! If it is a girl, it would have to be Andrew's dad or Kaylee's dad!!! It doesn't even make sense!!! A policy like this can only work with a group of different families not with two small families!

But don't worry, as this drama is being discussed, two strangers arrive. One just happens to be obnoxious and gorgeous so of course, this is going to be the love interest. Great, here comes instaluv and love triangles! That was more than enough for me.  
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