Sunday, 10 April 2016

Kindle Scout Nominations #1

“Chester! Chester! Don’t die, you can’t die!” The boy’s sobs soon turned to terror, because the insects had turned on him now, they settled on his face, his arms, his entire body. A swarming mass of insect’s with bloodsucking proboscises. Pain shot though Oliver’s body as the sharp pincers drove deep into the lacerated tissue of his lips. He screamed in horror as they sucked at the fluids around his eyes and crawled into his nostrils. Death was a slow agony. 

That was a small extract from a book that is hoping to be published through the Kindle Scout program. For details on Kindle Scout, which is about voting for books that Amazon should publish, see my previous blog post about it. I've read the extract from this book and it sounds pretty good-a book version of a Sci Fy monster film! I would like to see this book by Sylvestor Murray get published and get a free ebook copy for voting for it, so if the book sounds like your kind of thing, get over to Kindle Scout to vote for it!

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